Beta Quadrant Free Zone

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The Beta Quadrant Free Zone, also known as the No Man's Land, is a section of space in the Beta Quadrant that has not been permanently settled by any stellar governments and as such, has been left open for colonization by independent organizations. Many pirate organizations, outlaw groups, independent colonies and similar entities call this region their home. The common laws concerning just about everything in the more civilized parts of the Milky Way Galaxy do not apply here.

The Beta Quadrant Free Zone is a fairly secluded area of space, but during the years between the HemmoCruiser Incident and the construction of the Peace Station, Kyle Gigerdi along with Mad Gigerdi traveled the sector extensively. Very few explorers or outsiders have fared into the No Man's Land due to the extremely hostile and violent atmosphere broadcasted towards visitors from the outside. As a result of this, many explorers and wanderers from the other quadrants have gone missing after entering it, and have never been heard of again.

The free zone is believed to have been formed by various ships traveling at high speeds, but below light speed. Due to time dilation effects the passengers of these vessels have become disconnected from their original homes and have formed new societies, with varying success.


“The Beta Quadrant Free Zone is a cluster of star systems located in the Beta Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. This particular area of the galaxy includes numerous independent colonies and outposts governed by none of the star powers present in the other quadrants. General lawlessness, smuggling and private enterprises with no visible limits are all allowed. Extreme caution is advised while visiting this area, since kidnapping and extortion are day-to-day activities for the inhabitants of this sector.”
- Extract from the Galactic Tourists Guide (18th revised edition)