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Specifics regarding the United Commonwealth of Planets culture.

Historical changes

Since the foundation of the United Commonwealth of Planets the various cultures have merged together more and more, although they all still exist in one way or the other. Due to the relative young age of the commonwealth there has been little changes over time. Individual races have seen radical changes, however.


Lihter culture has remained mostly the same over the years, even in the UCP. The biggest change to Lihter culture came after the end of the World War when the Lihters chose to abandon their emotions and embrace logic.


B² culture has also seen very little of change over the years, although in the recent centuries they have become more interested in expansion.


Human culture has seen significant changes. Before the first contacts Humans were relatively hostile and selfish, which had lead to the Third World War. After the first contact and the formation of the UCP the Humans evolved into a more peaceful and considerate members of the galaxy.


V'As'Ta'Rs have also gone through changes since their first contacts. Initially they were very brutal race that had little respect for the weak and old; when you couldn't fight you had to die. The alliances with the other races and the membership in the UCP changed them into a more tolerant species, allowing the old to continue their lives and for V'As'Ta'Rs to pursue other areas of life, other than fighting, more liberally. As well as being less violent towards members of their own species as well as others, and knowing the concept of mercy and justice too.


Q<RE-Ô culture has remained unchanged, many also consider them to not really have a culture at all, but the Q<RE-Ôs do claim that, while they may have less clear culture they do have one.


1110110110101111s have grown more tolerant toward completely organic based species and have grown more interested in arts and sports during their UCP membership.


Opiros have become less aggressive over the years and more tolerant towards other species, as well as having less prejudices.


Due to the history and nature of the Commonwealth there are numerous different species living together, as well as different culture types among each individual species. Due to this the different cultures have more and more melded together and become more of a one culture rather than many, although each race has still preserved their unique ways, although in lesser degree than before.

Among the Commonwealth equality, compassion, common good and selflessness are valued by all the members of the Commonwealth, as they are the traits required for membership as well. While in many worlds these things are working there are places where they aren't so well followed. Crime has decreased in the core worlds to almost none due to these changes in races' cultures.


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