First One Alliance

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GovReg Entry: ?

The First One Alliance is a political and military league of several First One governments.

Population statistics

Ethnic Factions: Lightness, T-Race, Healers, Gorgs, other

Territory claims

Major territories in the Andromeda Galaxy, likely to maintain presence in several other locations


First One Alliance was formed by Gorgs, Great Lightness and T-Race. It's unknown what is exactly the point of this alliance as nowadays it is known that the first ones have been allied with each other a long time. It's thought to be only a symbol and something to be recognized. The name First One Alliance was first used during the GA-IPA conflict and has been used afterwards always in business relating to the Interplanetary Alliance. For the IPA the first ones are always considered as the whole alliance, not as single races, but for other races the situation is different. It's believed that either the Andromeda Alliance still exists or that there's now a new alliance in place which is more official than this one.

Healers later became part of this alliance as well.