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The Hephaestus System is a former GA colony world that seceded during the Hemmoian Civil War. The Colony had a small mining operation, few military outposts, and weapons manufacturing plant before the secession, but the system has formed its own government based on "more democratic means" than the GA, this has caused problems between the states.

Population statistics

Population: 568 Billion
Population Growth Rate: GA standard
Birth Rate: GA standard
Death Rate: Low

Labor Force: 450 Billion
Labor Force by Occupation: 20% military, 23% industry, 33% services, 23% other


Industries: Hephaestus trades only with other DHR states, generating weapons and Gigerdian goods such as Space-Bananas and Industrial Replicators, also small ship hulls are being made in the shipyards

Agricultural Products: Space-Bananas, Rock-Flowers, Enzyme Water, Orcish Berry-Juice, Oarfish-Stew

Export Commodities: Space Bananas, Uranium, Cerium, Plasma Weapons, Industrial Machines, Star ship hulls, Centrium, High Tech computers, Gene Splicing Technology, Medical goods, Dragonium.

Import Commodities: Starship parts, Riletian Weapons, Shield generators, Advanced Chemicals, Mining Equipment, Biodome repair robots.

Import Partners: Most of the trading is done with the Riletian Republic, and the DHR, which import weapons and ship repair goods to the Republic, also some Black Market smugglers are known to strike a deal with the Hephaestans once in a while.

Territorial claims & geography

Homeworld: Hephaestus system, the second planet.

Capital: Hephaestus City.

Natural Resources: Iron, Copper, Tritanium, Colosseum, Hafnium, Plutonium, Vendium, Jerrium, Cerium, Dragonium, Desanium, Enestium.

Land Use: 50% Cities, 43% forests, 7% water.

Planets (Home system): Hephaestus 1, Hephaestus 2, Hephaestus 3, Hephaestus 4, Hephaestus 5, Mallor, Divindad, Hextor.

Moons (Home system): Rams, Ulkeb, Bertyh, Bahtus, Loitex, Nemor, Cerald, Wanton, Xasderius, Hephan.

Spaceports: 900 spaceports, 7 major spaceports

Fighter Garrisons: 200-390.

Terrain: Hephaestus 1&2 are hydrogen gas atmospheres, 3 is chlorine, 4&5 are rock based hydrogen atmospheres, Mallor is a small earth like planet, Hextor is a Gas giant, and Divindad is an ice world.

Lowest Point (not underwater): Julin Caves, -700 m

Lowest Point (Underwater): Biodome Grand lake, -1000 m

Highest Point: Merlen Peak, 10 569 m

Natural Hazards: Contamination suits are required when moving outside, Hephaestus 3 suffers from small Ion storms all around the year.

Executive Branch

The President leads the state along with his Cabinet of six. This so-called Executive Council has the highest power in Hephaestus. The People's voice is listened by the Parliament consisting of 40 Councilors that relay big problems to the Executive Council to decide, the parliament decides smaller Citizen-size tasks in the hierarchy.


The Hephaestus Defense Forces have about 400-490 space vessels built mainly in the DHR and in the orbit of the Third planet of their home system. The Hephaestus Defense forces deploy Ground security forces as well.

Diplomatic Relations

The Hephaestus republic has fought two wars of independence against the GA (Hephaestus War of Independence, Second Hephaestus Indepence War), finally winning its independence and joining the DHR for financial aid; the Republic is still considered as an "Independent member state" by the GA government and politicians, although the Hephaestans have stated that they want nothing to do with the GA.

Hephaestus is considered a neutral state, but it has expressed will to help the IGA and the GA to work out their political crisis. The GA held an exercise with the Hephaestus forces in 3363, trying to work out their cool relations.

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