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Population statistics

Population: 350 000 Billion

Population Growth Rate: 0.76%

Life Expectancy At Birth: 192 Earth years.

Birth Rate: Unknown (Cannot be calculated)

Death Rate: Unknown


Labor Force: 314 000 Billion

Labor Force By Occupation: 45% military, 25% industry, 30% services.

Industries: Gorelians deal mostly with nanotechnology and holographic industry, but they also have great deal of other industry and manufacture most of the clothing and chemicals.

Agricultural Products: None.

Export Commodities: Cloths, chemicals, holographic equipment, nanotech and natural resources.

Exports Partners: Other UCP colonies, Folan empire, IPA, GA, T-Race federation and Great Lightness.

Import Commodities: Medical Goods, industrial replicators and various equipment.

Import Partners: Mostly other UCP worlds, but also Gigerdi Alliance, IPA and Folans.


Homeworld: Honos, second planet, Honos system

Spaceports: Over 7 900 spaceports, over 235 major spaceports.

Terrain: Mostly all planets are either terran or arid worlds, some barren, volcanic, ocean and gas giant worlds still exist.

Lowest Point:

Highest Point: Zatapatat Kolena, 55 555 m (Porks Terrinna 21)

Evolution & physiology

Gorelians evolved on a barren world, with only very little of water. Gorelians either weren't any normal type of organic species. They were sort of plants. At first these plants mostly grew around the only watered areas and couldn't move, but as centuries passed these plants were able to extract themselves from the dirt and move to elsewhere. Thus they were able to develop technology and some days later achieved space travel and FTL-drive. Once they got connection to Federation they had already expanded rather a lot and UCP was already in alliance with the Gigerdi Federation. Gorelians were immediately fascinated by the ideals of the UCP and thus immediately signed up. Currently they are one of the biggest members in the UCP.