136199 Eris

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Ownership: UCP
System: Sol
Type: Dwarf planet
Moons: Dysnomia
Diameter: 2400 km
Location: Alpha Quadrant

Officially known by the full title 136199 Eris, Eris is a dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt of the Sol system. The planetoid is 27% larger than Pluto and has a natural satellite called Dysnomia.


Since the planet is 97 astronomical units away from Sol, its average temperatures hover around -240 degrees C. During its elliptical orbit, the dwarf planet can sweep in getting as close as 38 AU.

The planet is covered in a layer of methane that seeped out from inside the planet and then froze on the surface. This methane has then undergone a chemical transformation in the solar radiation, turning yellowish.




The icy world has many nicknames, including Bob, 2003 UB313, and Xena.