Hagourian Empire

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Ethnic Factions: Hagourians - 100%
A large portion or all of the Hagourians are presumed to live under the control of a singular Hagourian governing entity.
Territories: The Hagourians presumably own many sectors worth of space in the Bacterian Home Galaxy.

Treaties & Diplomatic Relations
HOSTILITIES: Amanda Empire, The Third Race, Bacterian Empire


The smallest of the major starpowers in the Bacterian Home Galaxy, the reclusive Hagourians remain completely unknown to the peoples of the Milky Way, as no form of contact has been established, formal or otherwise. What little is known is hazy, patched together intel from unreliable Bacterian stories - the integrity of this data is suspect.

Their technology level is presumed to be high, possibly on the level of the Bacterians, possibly lower.

In the past, they have become known to maintain an aggressive foreign policy towards the other major starpowers in their home galaxy, and do not have any known allies at the time of the writing of this article.