History of the Q-RE-Ô

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Note: due to limitations of the Encyclopedia, the name of this species appears simplified. The actual name is Q<RE-Ô.

Formation of Rocks

Not even the Q<RE-Ô know exactly how their species came into being, but it is clear that at some point many of the rock formations started developing intelligence and the ability to move. They noticed they were living in a mostly volcanic world, but they were able to resist both extreme heat and cold.

Since they became sentient and able to communicate with each other they also started to require sustenance to keep their bodies from not consuming itself. They started to eat non-sentient rocks, although in much smaller amounts than what most other species eat. They had little of emotions, but not as much as most other Commonwealth members, but still more than Lihters.

At first there were rather little of them and they were unable to reproduce, but as millennia went by their numbers increased and they seemed to evolve much like organic species did. They were able to reproduce and grow, although it took a long time, but in their infinite lifespan it was enough.

They created their first cities and started to develop technology. Due to their rocky nature they weren't able to do anything too fast. So one of the first things they chose to create was something to help them build and invent things faster. It took centuries to build their first city and to get their first inventions, but after that things did speed up a little.

They realized that the resources on their world were limited and without highly advanced technology they could not prevent the loss of those resources. It was important to limit the usage of their natural resources until they could either leave their planet or able to convert other substances into the resource they desired.

Vehicles of any type were important for them, as their rocky forms didn't allow for any fast travel and at that time Q<RE-Ô living on one side of the planet had no knowledge of the other side.

Technological Development

One side of their world always faces the sun, so it's a half volcanic world while the other side being very cold. The most developed Q<RE-Ô resided on the volcanic part of their world, but there were Q<RE-Ô on the other side too. They were slightly different due to having "evolved" in such a cold climate and were limited by the cold in their development, but they, too, were building their first city and developing faster transportation.

While there were other Q<RE-Ô communities around the world, those two were the largest ones and most developed ones. Unifying their race became an important task as it would allow them faster progress. Due to their lack of emotions they were able to cooperate very effectively as there was no such things as greed or envy.

It took centuries again to develop faster transportation, but finally the Q<RE-Ô in the volcanic side succeeded, while it wasn't fast it allowed a group of them to start seeking out fellow Q<RE-Ô and establish communications, which was also develop at the same time, while very primitive one too.

After contact had been established it was clear that improved communications had to be developed or faster transportation, but at least they managed to unify their race.

They had no form of government, there was no leader. It was, in a way, anarchy, but without any kind of violence. They saw no need for racial leader, things worked out just well already.

Space Exploration

As centuries passed and the Q<RE-Ôs grew and developed, they finally managed to start building their first space vehicles. Finally it seemed possible that they could leave their planet. Due to their infinite lives and no natural predators their population had increased very much and numbered in the billions already. While their planet was relatively large one it was clear that they needed to move many of their people to other worlds.

They managed to colonize all non-gas giant worlds in their own solar system and then sent ships to explore and colonize nearby systems. They couldn't use nor didn't need to use sleeper ships so the Q<RE-Ôs on-board just had to be prepared for a journey that would take over a decade.

They were able to expand and colonize effectively, but they also had developed very good weaponry although they never have had any need for it previously. Still they wanted to be prepared as their first dangers would most likely be found in outer space. They had been instructed to welcome any possible species with open arms and assist them if they need that.

First Contact

One of their explorer ship found a ravaged planet in the Sol system and detected life. They also detected that the planet had gone through a devastating war which had left most of the planet in ruins. It was clear for the Q<RE-Ôs that they needed to help this species to see their wrong path.

They landed on Earth and established contact with the Humans. They were welcomed with open arms, for the most part at least, which was a very positive experience for the Q<RE-Ôs. Still, they did notice that not all Humans seemed as friendly as others and that their bad condition most likely was the cause for the friendly welcome. Still they believed that with their help the Humans could see that their violent ways would not prevail.

They helped the Humans to rebuild their cities and clean their environment and decided not to expand in their direction, to allow the Humans to colonize any nearby systems in the future. The Q<RE-Ôs tried to limit their numbers on their world too, to make the Humans more comfortable and not have a need to fear them.

Q<RE-Ôs also helped the Humans to get into space and make their first colonization missions as well as develop a faster than light-drive. Their first contact had proved to be surprisingly good.

New Contacts and Conflicts

After the Humans had expanded they came across the Lihters which the Q<RE-Ôs also welcomed with open arms. This time they encountered a race that had developed at least similar technology, maybe even better. Fortunate for them the Lihters weren't interested in conflict.

Years later a Q<RE-Ô explorer vessel came across the V'As'Ta'R homeworld and landed to greet them. But they were all slaughtered by the V'As'Ta'R and had no time to send a message. But the Q<RE-Ôs knew that something had gone wrong and chose to stay away from the region.

At this time the Q<RE-Ôs had also naturally evolved to form a some sort of a telepathic connection between each other, able to communicate through their minds no matter how far apart. This allowed them to make very fast choices, unfortunately it didn't help them with the V'As'Ta'R connection.

Much later the connection to the V'As'Ta'Rs were re-established, but they weren't interested in peace or negotiations. Fortunate for the Q<RE-Ôs, the V'As'Ta'Rs had very bad technological development and their invasion forces were easily repelled.

Soon they also established connection with the Opiros and the 1110110110101111, but those went very well.

United Commonwealth of Planets

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After the conflict between the V'As'Ta'Rs and Opiros had been solved an idea was born in the telepathic link of the Q<RE-Ôs: A unified alliance between all of the races. Lihters and 1110110110101111 considered the idea a very good one, but the other races weren't convinced. Lihters and 1110110110101111 managed to convince all others except V'As'Ta'Rs though.