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The 1110110110101111 are one of the founding members of the United Commonwealth of Planets.


Type: Humanoid

Galactic Age: 3rd Generation

Expected Height: 1.9-2.2 meters
Lifespan Duration: Infinite
Breathing Mixture: Unknown

Homeworld: 101110101101, 00110110 00110110 00110110 system

Name of Government(s):

Previously was:


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Evolution & Anatomy

The 1110110110101111s are a transorganic cyborg species. The forces of common evolution have stopped near completely among them, while technological body modification and nanotech engineering is now the commonplace. Some might say their culture of bionic implantation is even more extreme than that of the Hemmoians.


1110110110101111 is one of the most technology oriented species in the Galaxy. After the collectivization of minds, they entered a phase of rapid scientific advancement, developing an FTL drive in record time. Needless to say, their computer systems are also very advanced, rivalling on some levels even those of the Hemmoians and Mechanoids.

According to last census data, the 1110110110101111 have a population of 15 300 000 billion, with a labor force of 12 298 000 billion, shared equally between defense and industry. They are one of the major industrial producers in the UCP, with special emphasis on their shipyards, said to be the UCP's fastest.

Export commodities include ships, computers, reactors, energy cells, nanotechnology and various other equipment. Lucrative trade relations exist with other UCP colonies, the Folan Star Empire, IPA, GA, the T-Race Federation and the Great Lightness. The Hemmoian Federation has also taken some interest in 1110110110101111 technology.


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The 1110110110101111 are the ultimate hivemind; all members of the species have been linked with a Collective Network similar to the Hemmoian Collective, and appear to have no concept of leadership. It is likely individuality does not exist at all, with each member of the 1110110110101111 species acting more like a cell of a larger organism.

Similarly, it can be speculated decisions are made as one mind, with each member of society contributing a small amount of processing power.

1110110110101111 was one of the founding members of the United Commonwealth of Planets.

For further knowledge on the UCP, see: United Commonwealth of Planets.


Research pending. Natural reproduction is still the most common way of 1110110110101111 procreation; cloning and duplication is considered rare.

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