History of the V'As'Ta'R

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Early Years

The V'As'Ta'R have always been very war-like race, with war and fighting being the key things in life.

They evolved from sentient predators, who walked on four legs and lived alone for most of their lives. But as their intelligence increased they begun to live in small packs that gradually grew over the centuries and evolved to walk on two legs. While still relatively little evolved at this point they were able to communicate with each other and started to hunt in packs and fought to keep other packs from their territories.

Later on the V'As'Ta'R formed larger packs and their first cities were born. Their culture remained relatively the same; when you were unable to fight, it was time for you to die. As the other V'As'Ta'R cities constantly fought against each other they had to keep themselves ready and in shape.

Wars were more than just common among them, it was pretty much everyday life. While others hunted for food for the city, others fought against other packs. There was little need for anything else; religion was unknown to them, they didn't have any kind of services and there was no actual government, just V'As'Ta'R that had somehow managed to come together. They did have pack leaders though, but they ruled over the packs as animals usually do. To many, they would've been very primitive at this stage although they already possessed relatively high intellect.

Technology was something they could have created, but saw little need. Only once some packs started to utilize technology in their battles did it become more important. Inventing it was problematic though as their lives depend on constant struggle, science takes you away from that struggle. Weaker V'As'Ta'R were chosen for those tasks and were not very well regarded, but at least they lived.


As centuries passed they became more willing to do other things than fight, but their brutal ways didn't see an end. Larger "packs" were formed, packs that became countries, governed by a group of V'As'Ta'R. While they started to work together more they still didn't want to stray away from their origins, as the constant struggle continued. And almost all of them participated in the struggles, save for the scientists which were still very badly regarded.

They did start to have other growing problems, problems that were worldwide. Some V'As'Ta'R didn't like the old ways, the constant fighting, and wanted something else. This was something that the majority of V'As'Ta'R didn't like and most of them were killed because of their beliefs, but some survived when they won numerous duels.

Hunting started to become problematic too due to the growing communities, artificial food wasn't an option though so hunting grounds, similar to Vemrers, were built where portion of the V'As'Ta'R hunted. Scientists were also ordered to participate in these hunts to improve their combat skills as they could be needed at any point.

Many other United Commonwealth of Planets members often wondered how the V'As'Ta'Rs ever managed to work together, it did take more time than most other races though.

Using any type of vehicles in combat was something that all V'As'Ta'Rs despised so that path was never taken. They preferred hand-to-hand combat, due to their lethal claws and teeth, but some melee and ranged combat took place occasionally too.

Space Exploration

Everything changed one day when the Q<RE-Ô landed on their world. They were unlike anything they had seen before. While the Q<RE-Ô welcomed the V'As'Ta'R with open arms, the V'As'Ta'R responded with claws and bullets. They managed to overrun the small scout ship and soon started to research the technology. It was clear that there was another species to fight against in outer space and the V'As'Ta'R needed to be ready for it.

Many of the countries banded together to develop the technology needed for space travel. Everything needed to be done fast as this new race could come back at any point and with superior technology the V'As'Ta'R might not stand a chance. For the first time, fighting went to the background, although they still kept themselves in shape. It was this time when the military junta became the governing body on their planet. The strongest and most cunning V'As'Ta'R warriors were selected as leaders from the military. The general population supported this.

The space conquest was very fast and it didn't take long for them to colonize their entire homesystem. Due to the rather harsh environment on their world they were able to survive on many other worlds with relative ease.

Combat skills became a priority again, with V'As'Ta'Rs once again fighting against each other. It was thought to be the only effective way to keep their species thriving. The V'As'Ta'R weren't honorable, they killed the weak and the young whenever they had the chance, even their own.

After they had colonized more neighboring systems they came across the Q<RE-Ô again. The Q<RE-Ô were willing to negotiate and seek peace, but the V'As'Ta'R weren't interested and instead responded with bullets. They had significantly poorer technology than the Q<RE-Ô and thus the Q<RE-Ô defeated the V'As'Ta'R invasion forces easily.

The V'As'Ta'R were frustrated as in space combat their natural ability for combat became wasted. It was clear that they needed better technology, but even more of them were seeking change.

More Contacts

Still they continued their expansion and thus soon came across the Lihters. They seemed a potential target, one that would be weaker than the Q<RE-Ô. Once again they attacked, although Lihters were seeking peace. And once again the V'As'Ta'R invasion was repelled completely.

They soon got connection to several other species too. Humans, Opiros and 1110110110101111. It was clear that they certainly were not alone and had to change their attitudes. While many of the races had formed treaties with each other, the V'As'Ta'R weren't interested. They once again focused on research and managed to get their technology level up.

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Soon they also established connection with the . But then Opiros started to loose ships near the V'As'Ta'R border and they believed they were the cause. The V'As'Ta'R denied it and claimed the Opiros were trying to frame them. When the V'As'Ta'R loosed few ships they believed that the Opiros were attacking them. A war looked more than likely between the two species which was not well viewed by the other species in the region. Lihters and 1110110110101111 suspected that there was something else involved.

While the Opiros and V'As'Ta'R began fighting, Lihters, 1110110110101111, B² and Q<RE-Ô investigated the initial attacks. Soon they started suffering similar attacks and they were convinced that it was something else.

The V'As'Ta'R and Opiros fought against each other fiercely. This time V'As'Ta'Rs fared well and even saw some planetary combat. The war, or rather conflict, soon came to an end when the other races presented proof that some 3rd party was involved. The races joined forces together and discovered a cloak capable ship belonging to some unknown race. After extensive search and hunt the combined forces intercepted the ship and disabled it, but failed to board it as it soon self-destructed.

United Commonwealth of Planets

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This saw an end to the conflict and to the hostile tendencies the V'As'Ta'Rs showed towards the other species. They still had little interest to cooperate with them again, although in the recent conflict it had worked well.