Mechanoid Unity

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Type of Government: Unity by Collective

Population statistics

Population: Unknown (400 Billion estimated)

Death Rate: Unknown. (Whenever a Mechanoid dies, his mind is copied to another body)

Labor Force: 200 Billion (in 3360)

Labor Force by Occupation: 35% military, 40% industry, 20% services, 5% other.

Ethnic Factions: Mechanoids - 100%
All Mechanoids are presumed to live under direct Unity control.


Control World: Mechanius, Seventh Planet.

Capital: Hive mind.

Territories: Several thousand systems on the Outer Rim, Alpha Quadrant.

Planets (Home System): Mechus, Derew, Cerlat, Iondon, Mechania, Lopew, Cathu, Berexx, Mechanius.

Moons (Home Planet): 567774F, 7662133CDE, J905773F, AQW44X233.

Terrain: Most of the planets have been converted into huge Urban and Industrial centers, besides Lopew, Derew, and Cathu, which serve as bases and outposts for the GA and other races.

Lowest Point (not underwater): Unity Zone Server, -600 m

Lowest Point (Underwater): Backup power units, -27 458 m

Highest Point: Unity Firewall, 21 569 m

Natural Hazards: Most of the planets have no atmosphere at all, so use of re-breathers and contamination suits is advised.

Land Use: 60% Cities, 40% forests, 10% water.

Spaceports: 1400 Spaceports, 8 major spaceports.

Fighter Garrisons: 150-167.


Natural Resources: Iron, Copper, Lead, Tritanium, Colosseum, Hafnium, Kirrelium, Plutonium, Radon.

Industries: The Mechanoids do produce industrial goods, such as Computers, Machines, and High technology weapons, but they are mostly used for their own purposes.

Agricultural Products: The Mechanoids usually need no Agriculture products, so they don't grow them at all. What little Agriculture they need, they acquire from the GA.

Export Commodities: Semi Organic hull designs, Holonet Computers, Tetragonal Scanners, Tachyon Weapons.

Import Commodities: Agricultural products, Security systems, Engine parts, Hydraulic positron-wands, Silk steel.

Import Partners: The Mechanoids trade mostly with other Collective civilizations, such as the Trentads and the Hemmoians. Small trading businesses are being made with the Texians, and the GA.


The Mechanoid Unity is a large hive mind of Bioelectric creatures that inhabit urbanized and industrialized worlds, colonized by their "Builders". An average Mechanoid is about 2-4 meters tall, and has all sorts of electric machines built into it. All Mechanoids are led by a Super computer named the "Hyper-Brain", which makes and programs the Mechanoids to do their designed tasks in the collective.

Technology Base

The Mechanoid technology is very advanced, although their space fleets are only about half size of the Texian Fleets, but their ships employ heavy weapons and hull designs that can stand up to the heaviest of warships.

Executive Branch

Sometimes, the Hyper-brain chooses a Mechanoid to act as "Leader" to the rest; this "Leader" usually is the diplomatic image and Symbolized Negotiator to the other races. All Mechanoids are peaceful in nature, but the basic rule of "If you attack one, you attack them all" is applied in their ways of war.

Diplomatic Relations

The Mechanoids have good relations to all collective-based races, and wish to interact with them as much as possible, but the membership in GA guarantees that the Mechanoids get protection and other goods in return of Security patrols and Industrial advisors. When the GA first discovered the Mechanoids after the Timocracy War, it resulted into a small fire-fight between the races after, which GA decided to bomb a Mechanoid colony with Mass-drivers, but peace was found shortly after.

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