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The Ollapukkitians are a species of tiny humanoids from the Orbeus 6 system.


Type: Humanoid

Galactic Age: 2nd Generation

Expected Height: 15 to 25 centimeters
Lifespan Duration: 50 to 70 standard years
Skin Color(s): Various shades of gray
Breathing Mixture: Pomenoxide / Chlorine

Homeworld: Ola Puk Iti (Ollapukkiti Prime, Orbeus 6-3)
Xenobiology Database Serial Number: SF #0004

Name of Government(s): Commonwealth of Ollapukkiti


The Ollapukkitians evolved on Ollapukkiti Prime, a large rocky terrestrial world with numerous oceans. The high surface gravity of their homeworld has limited their growth to a minimum.


Ollapukkitian anatomy.jpg

Ollapukkitians are very small and thin humanoids. They are usually some 20 centimeters tall.

They have no face, fingers or toes, and their skeletal system is highly elastic, allowing them to contort their body to extreme positions. This comes in handy on many occasions, the least of which isn't Ollapukkitian communication; lacking vocal chords and facial expressions, their language is entirely non-verbal, consisting of different hand signs, moves and dances denoting different words. To foreigners, they may also communicate with series of clicks and buzzing sounds, or through a translator device, but talk to each other in complete silence.

Ollapukkitians hear and smell through their skin, and it is believed that their primary sense is touch. An Ollapukkitian's skin color is typically gray, but may change in response to changes in its emotions.

Ollapukkitians derive sustenance from electromagnetism, their bodies functioning as natural bioelectric cells. What little water they need is absorbed through the skin.


For further information, see Ollapukkitian tech.

The most eye-catching thing about Ollapukkitian technology is that, obviously, it is all very small. Most of their equipment is based on a crystalline substance with peculiar energy conducting characteristics, somewhat similar to Namguronian tech.

Their ships are known to be small, fast, heavily shielded and well armed. They are experts in the field of electric system disabling: They have a large array of ion and EMP cannons. A common Ollapukkitian tactic is to swarm an enemy vessel, disable its critical subsystems and jump away before they get a chance to retaliate properly.


The Commonwealth of Ollapukkiti is ruled by an Overseer, who is a type of a president, and a Congress. A new government, including a new Overseer, is elected every ten Ollapukkitian years.

The current Overseer is called Meh Sei.

The Commonwealth is a member state of the Hemmoian Federation, and has a long history of co-operation with the Hemmoian and Orc species.


Standard male-female procreation process; Both halves are required to reproduce sans the use of cloning and genetic technology. The female lays several eggs when fertilized. For the most part, Ollapukkitians mate for periods up to fifty local years and some Ollapukkitians are known to mate for life, however, their culture is not monogamous, as both females and males can have several partners at once.

Males assist in the raising of the offspring. Males will usually remain with the female long enough to produce at least one viable offspring. Males will stay with the female to protect her and the offspring and will remain with the family unit for up to four to seven years. If a male remains in the family group for periods longer than fifteen years, chances are low that he will leave the family group and will remain with his chosen mate(s) for the rest of his life.

An Ollapukkitian's natural maximum life expectancy is 50 standard years, though exceptions and cases of artificial life extension exist.


Despite what one might assume based on their constant silence, Ollapukkiti society is a highly cultural one. Literature and movies - silent ones of course - are very popular among Ollapukkitians, as are dancing and acting. However, due to their almost complete lack of hearing, music as we know it is not produced. Nevertheless, the Ollapukkitians have a very keen sense of rhythm, which they can pick up from vibrations in the air and on the ground. (This is why many famous bands have Ollapukkitians on the drums or playing syntho-bass.)

The Ollapukkitians have no definitive religion, but many follow the teachings of the Codex, a set of philosophical scriptures written by ancient Ollapukkitians.