Orlian Empire

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Type of Government: Claimed to be an empire. Officially unknown.

Control World/Homeworld: Unknown

Ethnic Factions: Orlians - 100%, presumably.

Territories: A small number of systems in the Small Magellanic Cloud. The exact size of the empire is unknown.

Executive Branch: Unknown.

Treaties and Diplomatic Relations

Perhaps the most mysterious race in the galaxy. They were discovered by the UCP long range scouts at the outer areas of the galaxy. First contact was peaceful, but it was soon learned that the Orlians didn't want to be in nearly any contact with the other races. Later on they applied for partial membership in the Federation, although this way they merely got a single place in the Federation Council. This seat is completely private and thus the representative is rarely even seen. Their technology is believed to be highly advanced, more advanced than even the first ones. Their most famous piece of technology is the "Chameleon Field". This technology allows their ships to look and behave like any object or ship. Even the most accurate scans can't reveal the true identity of the object when using the chameleon field. This has proven to be very dangerous technology.

The Orlians themselves seem to be sorts of mussels. Other than that nothing is really known about them. Countless scans made on them have all proven futile. Their shells are also completely unknown, but at least seem to contain advanced weaponry as they can even a vaporize a Gorg.

During the Emissary attack agains the Gigerdi Prime and Aldaain few Orlian ships were assisting the Emissaries. Although there were only a few of them it required dozens of ships to destroy them. The Orlians also used highly advanced hologramming or cloning technology to produce accurate copies of their ships. This, however, required a significant amount of energy and thus the ship making these was usually only in the background. Once this was discovered it gave some help in defeating them.

Currently the Orlians have returned to their previous state as quiet watchers. Some GA ships, however, have been assigned to the Orlian border and this action has also been approved by the Orlians.