Braccatian Kingdom

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Type of Government: Constitutional monarchy


Control World: Braccatius, third planet in system, Small Magellanic Cloud

Territories: The Braccattian Kingdom currently holds seven colony worlds with colonial outposts currently being constructed to these territories at the Snufkinn system. The home system of the Braccatians is also being slowly colonized completely due to the kingdom acquiring new faster propulsion systems and construction requipment.

Population statistics

Population: Estimated at 20 billion

(Estimasted) Ethnic Factions:

  • Braccatians - 90 %
  • Other unidentified species living in the Braccatian control world - 7 %
  • Gigerdians - 3 %

Languages: Braccatian language, Upper Hill Braccattian dialect, Lower Hill Braccattian dialect, Snorck language, Human standard language

Executive branch

Leader: The male Braccattian known as "The Braccattian King" or Appap Nimuup III
Ruling body: Braccattian Parliament (central), County Administrations, Colonial administrations

Voting rights: Universal

Legislative branch

The Braccattian Parliament is the main legislative branch of the entire state. The members of the parliament are selected in elections held every four years to serve as public statesmen responsible for the passing of laws and other edicts. The king is ultimately responsible for the passing of a law or declaration, but in the most recent years the King has granted the Parliament with the entire authority for passing of laws etc. by itself if needed - acting merely as the person declaring passed bills as legitimate.

Treaties & Diplomatic Relations


Unit of Currency (code):

Export Commodities: Agricultural products, minerals, steel products
Export Partners: Gigerdi Alliance, independent traders

Import Commodities: Unknown
Import Partners: Gigerdi Alliance, Alpha Quadrant states


The military force of the Braccattian Kingdom is known as the Royal Braccattian Defence Forces, and currently consists of about 100,000 mainly conscripted but highly motivated citizens. The branches of the defence forces are: