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The history of the Inter-Stellar Alliance is very short, but full of great accomplishments. The main role of the Alliance is to act as an "Interstellar negotiation and peacekeeping organization", which negotiates as a neutral party consisting of races that have selected to act as one united body in the decision making. This is called the Interstellar Alliance council.

The Interstellar Alliance headquarters are located in the Bacterian home world of Bacterius, in the Capital city of Trebia.

History & Overview

The Interstellar Alliance was created shortly after the GA Civil War between the three major star powers, the Hemmoian Federation, the Gigerdi Alliance, and the government behind the creation, the Bacterian Empire. Several other states are members of the Interstellar alliance, and have seats in the Interstellar council.


The Bacterian government is in the leading role of the Interstellar alliance, providing the main funding and recruits to the Security forces of the Inter-Stellar Security forces. The other main partners are the Gigerdi Alliance and the Hemmoian federation that have a small funding duty in the budget. The reason of the creation was simple, to make sure that all races that would need assistance, let that be Economical or Defensive, would acquire it trough this alliance, and to provide unified border patrol and better trade relations among the already existing races of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Interstellar act also as a commendable re-enforcement group to any member state, giving military assistance in a hostile situation or provide humanitarian aid to states in need. If a military action must be launched against an enemy, All of the Interstellar alliance member states must vote unanimously for it, the "Council must stay united in Defensive matters". If a Member State begins to commit actions against the Interstellar Alliance constitution, the council may decide to dismiss the state from the Alliance and stop assisting it in troubled situations.

ISA Council

The Council currently has 17 members, led by a president that has final deciding vote on a council decision. The President is selected from the Council every 4 years, but if required, the election can be made sooner. The current President is Nix Balmorra, who has been re-elected twice.

Military forces

Main article: Inter-Stellar Security Forces

The Interstellar Security forces accept recruits from all of the member states, even ones that might be outside of the Alliance, but are still considered friendly towards the Alliance.

The Military hardware of the Alliance consists of the custom designed Three Suns class Light Cruisers, and the new Helix class Medium Destroyers; the Interstellar also acts with their Member states space fleets, but mainly handles situations with their own ships that combine Hemmoian, Gigerdian and Bacterian Technology.


Current Members of the Interstellar Alliance:

States that are applying for membership:

States that are allied with the Interstellar Alliance, but are not considered members:

- The Intergalactic Alliance (officially)
- The Free Republic of Hephaestus

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