Daglian Assembly of Clans

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GovReg Entry: ?

The Daglian Assembly of Clans is a democratic government apparently formed after the Daglian Conflict, in which the entire culture of the Daglians was destroyed by the Bacterians. Only six members of the species survived the devastation, all representatives of the government.


Leader: Unknown

Population statistics

Ethnic Factions: Daglians - 100%
All Daglians live under the control of the Daglian Assembly of Clans.

Territorial claims

Control World: New Daglius, New Daglius system

Territories: New Daglius system, several other systems

Treaties & Diplomatic Relations


Origins of Daglian society

Before the destruction, Daglian society was divided between the classes; the poor and the rich. The rich controlled the planet of Daglius and the society was lead by a monarchy, the highest representative of which was the King. After the aforementioned destruction on Daglius, however, the remaining six Daglians joined the Hemmoian Federation and the Hemmoians worked together with them to rebuild their broken homeworld.

Renewal & independence

A new planet in a new star system on the outskirts of Federation space, called "New Daglius", was given to them as a new home, and through a bit of creative applying of certain cloning techniques, the Daglian population once again started to thrive, this time governed by a democratic government.

But as the Daglian society healed, it grew highly dis- appointed with the totalitarian policies of the Hemmoian Federation and wanted to break free from it, living independently like they had before the Daglian Conflict. When the Hemmoian Civil War broke out, their call for liberty was answered. Even while the forces of the Federation bombarded New Daglius with neutron beams, the tiny republic resisted, and was finally liberated by the forces of the Rebellion. When the Democratic Hemmoian Republic was later formed, the Daglian Assembly of Clans became its autonomous state.

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