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The Daglians are a relatively recently discovered humanoid species from planet Daglius.


Type: Humanoid

Galactic Age: 3rd Generation

Expected Height: Presumed 1.8 meters
Lifespan Duration: Unknown
Skin Color: Red
Breathing Mixture: Unknown

Origin/Homeworld: Daglius
Xenobiology Database Serial Number: SF #0034
Name of Government(s): The Daglian Assembly of Clans


Early history

Very little is known about Daglian history before the destruction of their original homeworld, Daglius.

What is known however, is that the Daglians were divided into at least two different political factions several hundreds of years before their first contact with the Gigerdians and/or the Bacterians. A civil war between these two factions ensued and nuclear weapons were used to annihilate millions of Daglians and turn the planet into a barren desert. About 83 % of the entire civilization was wiped out.

The political faction which had more funds and technology available to it constructed a big domed city from materials hidden in subterranean storages and proceeded to rebuild civilization on their own terms. The conditions inside the domed city were close to the situation before the war; hydroponic farms, sewage disposal, animal farms etc. were set-up to recreate livable conditions.

The survivors of the nuclear fire living outside the domed city were mainly compromised of members of the poorer political faction. The remnants of the faction proceeded to create small settlements that quickly grew into a single big desert oasis. They also constructed simple fuel-run "desert crawler" - vehicles that they used to get around the planet. It didn't take very long for them to find out the location of the "Domed City".

The following years after the nuclear war saw these two factions fight each other for the control of the city. It was quite clear however , that the poorer faction didn't really possess the technological advances needed to take over the city or destroy it's defences.

Apparently the Bacterians had a part in this continuation of hostalities as well; historians have even gathered enough information to effectively present a theory proving that the Bacterians had actually given the nuclear weapons to the Daglians before the nuclear war. Daglian sources have given accounts of "black ships periodically dropping weapon crates from the sky" during the Daglian's internal hostalities. It is quite possible that the Bacterians were fully aware of such a civilization existing on the planet.

Daglian Conflict

One day the Daglian's fate experienced a turn for the best - A Gigerdian patrol of fightercraft found the planet through a wormhole while in pursuit of a fleeing smuggler. As the Gigerdians relayed information of the new finding the Gigerdi Alliance requested the Bacterian Empire to send ships to accompany the welcoming fleet on the grounds of the new Gigerdian-Bacterian Friendship Treaty.

As the fleet of Gigerdian ships arrived to the system the Daglian King, leader of the rich faction of Daglians identified the accompanying Bacterian vessels as the ones that had been visiting the planet's surface several times (and dropping weapons to the fighting factions). Upon this revelation the Bacterian vessels opened fire on the Gigerdian ships and fired powerful Bio-weapons at the planet itself.

The Planet started to rip itself apart as only six Daglians were quickly moved to a pair of shuttles and moved to the orbit. The resulting war is known as the Gigerdian-Bacterian War (Third Bacterian War).

As members of the Hemmoian Federation

The Daglians turned to the Hemmoian Federation for help; the Daglians were cloned in order to create more population and keep the species alive while a new home world was created for them. The surviving Daglian King also cloned himself and became the head of state for the new Daglian Kingdom. Two colonies were also established by the Daglians on the neighbouring systems of the new Daglius; Singlarius XI and Baal.

After the Gigerdian-Bacterian War, The Daglians had problems on adjusting to galactic property laws and briefly scuffled with Inter-Stellar Alliance forces for attacking a Bacterian trade convoy on the Hemmoian-Bacterian border. The resulting low-scale conflict also saw the assassination of the Daglian King's second clone located in the jungle world of Baal under mysterious conditions. A Texian mineral ore transport was also attacked during the hostalities by Daglian forces.

Secession and DHR membership

After the Daglians promised to obey Galactic Law and not snatch various trade convoys again the situation was resolved; things would have been great if not for the outbreak of the Hemmoian civil war. The Daglian King seemed to be a power hungry individual who showed his ungratefulness to the Hemmoians by seceding from the entire Federation and showing support to the newly created DHR (Democratic Hemmoian Republic). The Hemmoian response to the Daglian insolence was also dire; a planetary bombing was initiated on the Daglian homeworld. The resulting destruction killed the original (and only) Daglian King and pushed the entire state into internal chaos.

Involvement in the Emissary Campaign

The resulting situation saw various Daglian clans emerge from the destruction and form the Daglians under a new governmental entity known as the Daglian Assembly of Clans. For a while the entire Daglian society seemed to be laying low for the time being, until a previously unknown race known as the Emissaries contacted the Clan Assembly and offered them revenge against the Hemmoians. The foolish Daglians once again agreed on the deal and to top it all off, they also signed a deal to send their fleets to attack the Gigerdians as well.

The resulting attack against the homeworlds of both the Hemmoians and the Gigerdians failed horribly and the Daglians got beaten up like a red-headed stepchild. The only reason that kept the unified GA-Hfed forces from destroying the entire species was the Clan Assembly's message to the Galactic community that the Daglians forces that took part in the attacks had been acting alone and thus the central government could not be blamed entirely.

Current status

Luckily the membership in the DHR has proved to be the proverbial savior for the Daglian people; Daglius, a world ravaged once again by war has been once again rebuild and the entire Daglian society is in the state of rebuilding itself from the ashes of another costly, and ultimately foolish war.


Daglians are standard humanoids - Two arms, two legs and one head. What differs them from humans and other humanoids is their bright red skin and the finger-like appendages extending from their cheeks.


The Daglians have not developed ships of their own, and the first Daglian ships were actually given to them by the Bacterians. The Daglians do have some sort of crude weaponry, however.

When the daglians were a part of the Hemmoian Federation, they ordered a small fleet of ships of their own design, from the Riletian Shipyards. Later, during the Hemmoian Civil War, they broke free from the Federation and became a member state of the Democratic Hemmoian Republic. It is likely their technology level has since been considerably boosted by DHR tech exchange.


Research pending.