Democratic Hemmoian Republic

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Insignia of the DHR

The Democratic Hemmoian Republic is an interstellar alliance of worlds, most of which are former Hemmoian Federation colonies that seceded during the Hemmoian Civil War. The DHR is an active opponent of the Federation's policies, and the two factions are locked in a state of cold war.


Leader: President Vindarten

Population statistics

Population: 1,870,000,000,000 citizens (old figure)

Ethnic Factions

Territory claims

Control World: Tooled Hemmo III, Tooled Hemmo system

The DHR owns over 30 000 systems all over the Galaxy, including Acer, Alfanidon, Arreis, Dayglow, Gueva, Heksaneraks, Hephaestus, Limbo, New Daglius, Nocsam, Plutonia, RSA-776, RSA-957, RSA-3766, Tooled Hemmo and Zelok. (See also: List of DHR systems)

Colonization efforts by the DHR have recently been started in previously unclaimed areas of the Galaxy; these include the DHR Expanse.


Accepted currencies:

Trade partners:

Lacking a common economic base, the various factions and independent worlds that form the Democratic Hemmoian Republic are heavily engaged in internal trade and exchange of resources. Internal trading factions include the Free Republic of Hephaestus and the Daglian Assembly of Clans.

Treaties & Diplomatic Relations

History & Overview

In 3,171, the Hemmoian Civil War broke out. The Democratic Hemmoian Republic was a dream given form for the Rebellion, which broke free from the Hemmoian Federation to form their own government, and seven years of civil war did little to sway them from their goal. In the end, the Hemmoian Federation was forced to acknowledge DHR as a valid stellar government.

The Democratic Hemmoian Republic is "dedicated to bringing equality, security and justice to the people of the Milky Way Galaxy" according to President Karellen's declaration of independence. DHR's military forces constantly patrol and disable any hostile military forces, pirates or other threats, and protect the borders against outside intruders. To ensure justice and liberty, all citizens have access to DHR's courts and the right to vote for a representative of their choice to sit in the Hall of Congress.

The leaders of the DHR are elected by the people. Every state has the right to the Hall of Congress. These representatives select the President and Vice-President to head the council and it is their advice which guides the President's decisions.

All law-abiding and peaceful people, regardless of their species, are eligible to become citizens of DHR, and they are constantly on the lookout for new member states.

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