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A picture of a Dand

The Dands are a humanoid bird-like species that are very interested in economic affairs and seek to raid other species to steal their resources.


Type: Humanoid Aves

Galactic Age: 3rd Generation

Expected Height: 1.2 to 1.6 meters
Lifespan Duration: 210 to 230 years
Feather Color(s): Black
Breathing Mixture: Oxygen / Nitrogen

Homeworld: Dandaelus, Kedlan system

Name of Government(s): The Dand Oligarchy

Biology & Evolution

Dands are a type of "bird-people". They resemble birds; they have a black beak, eyes on the sides of their heads, wings and relatively small legs. They are entirely covered in black feathers with no differences between genders. Male and female ones are also identical in sizes so it might be difficult to determine what gender they are.

They posses flight capability, but are only able fly for about four to five kilometers in one flight before they need to rest. Although there are records of some Dands flying as much as 40 kilometers on one flight. These are, of course, based on their homeworld, which has higher than normal gravity. They have very good gliding capabilities.

Technology and Industry

Research pending.

Government and Society

For further knowledge on the Dands, see: Dand Oligarchy


Research pending.