Dand Oligarchy

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Dand Oligarchy
Anthem: "Money"
(and largest colony)
Largest city Vnol
Official language(s) Gyylike
Recognised regional languages Various dialects
Ethnic groups  88% Dand
12% Others
Demonym Dands
Government Oligarchy
Legislature Bureau of Houses
 -  Treaty of Profit 18 April 3342 
 -  Total Hundreds of star systems
 -   estimate 300 billion 
Currency Sorllura
Time zone Dand standard time

The Dand Oligarchy is a minor race located in the Alpha quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy. It is surrounded by Gigerdi Federation, United Commonwealth of Planets and the Folan Star Empire. Dands are an avian species that consists mainly of various different houses that operate major pirate, smuggling and raiding groups in the nearby space.


The word Dand is derived from the early Dand words dal and and, the first one meaning life and the latter one wealth/assets.

Population statistics

Treaties & diplomatic relations


Government Type: Oligarchy

The Dand Oligarchy is led by the Bureau of Houses that has representative from each of the major houses.


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The Dand military is led by the Bureau of Houses, which means that it is controlled by the ruling houses. While everyone can join the army the commanders usually belong to the ruling houses and only very exceptional officers can become fleet commanders if they are from a non-ruling house. The military has a clear ranking system with the starship commander above everyone, except a fleet commander who is the supreme commander when present. While the military has a collection of fleet commanders and ground forces commanders the Bureau of Houses is still the supreme leader of the military. Promotions can be accelerated either through positions of power in the Dand society or by money. Even non-enlisted Dands who hold a high position within the Dand society can achieve high military ranks.

The Dand military is officially the defense fleet of the Dand Oligarchy, but it is believed that unofficially many of their ships participate in various pirate and raiding missions, especially in the Beta Quadrant Free-zone.

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