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The First Bacterian War (3,0022 - 3,0025, 2550 - 2552 in Earth years) was a violent conflict between the United Orcs, the Bacterian Empire and the Gigerdi Federation. Considered to be the first major galactic war, it had far reaching consequences.


Many generations ago in the Bacterian Home Galaxy, the Bacterians discovered an active singularity which had successfully ripped through the space-time continuum to form a gateway to the Milky Way Galaxy. Realizing the infinite possibilities of extra-galactic conquest, the scientists of the Bacterian Empire quickly replicated this natural phenomena. With the capability to open portals to other galaxies, the Empire soon took over most of the Milky Way's Gamma Quadrant, by force or by establishing false treaties with the locals. A large uninhabited planet suitable for Bacterian settlement was selected to be the Bacterian Command World in the Milky Way. The planet was named Bacterius.

Fortunately, the Bacterian advance was then stopped by lack of resources since the Empire was soon the size of a medium-sized galaxy. Furthermore, they had to slow down as they encountered two major adversaries, namely the Gigerdi Federation in the Alpha Quadrant and the United Orcs the Delta Quadrant. After the historic First Contact with the UO in 2,842, the Bacterian Empire co-existed semi-peacefully with its neighbours for 22 years.

Dawn of War

However, when half-Orc half-Bacterian Paavo Bakteeri seized control of the Empire, craving for vengeange, this era of peace was ended quickly and replaced with a mass slaughter like no other conflict before - The First Bacterian War.

In 3,0022, the Bacterian "ambassadorial fleet" on Aldaain, without any warning, powered up their weapons and started firing upon key UO command facilities as well as major population centers around the globe. Most government officials died in the initial attacks. Almost immediately after the first strikes, hideous genetically engineered killing machines were released from the ships to wreak havoc among the civilian population.

In what is known as the Siege of Aldaain, the UO military attempted to fight this alien force but the ground forces were soon destroyed by the creatures, or worse: The things seemed to have an ability to genetically assimilate living creatures. In other words, they could turn people into more killing machines. The United Orcs Starfleet powerless to stop the mass slaughter going on on the surface and unable to engage the technologically superior Bacterian fleet, evacuated Aldaain and fled into interstellar space.

By the first day of the war, an estimated 3,000,000 people in the northern continent of Kud were either infected or killed. Word of the mass slaughter and mindless attacks spread fast throughout the UO colonies. Evacuation orders were sent to most colonial authorities to head for inter-stellar space, away from the Bacterian menace.

In a couple of weeks most of the UOSF and civilian starships were informed and a large number of the colonies were evacuating their population, while others stayed behind, attempting to fortify their worlds the best they could.

The Extermination Campaign

The Bacterian Empire sent out huge Purification Fleets, composed of planet sterilizing weapons of mass destruction and more bioweapons capable of incomprehensible horrors. Billions of Hemmoians and Orcs were lost to the sudden aggression. The unstoppable Bacterian war machine tore apart the colonies one by one.

The giant doomsday fleets of the Bacterian Empire were known to use a tactic known as Plasma Flood to quickly destroy fleets, planetary defense mechanisms and colonies. The huge Bacterian vessels were filled with plasma guns which fired tremendous amounts of hot, bright white plasma projectiles at the enemy, flooding their field of vision with a constant barrage of plasma fire, making escape or evasive action impossible. Refuge fleets and colonial defense fleets alike were lost this way.

The worlds of the Ollapukkiti Commonwealth were also occupied by Bacterian forces but were not part of the genocidal terror, an aspect which fueled Ollapukkitian extremist nationalism. The Neo-Rebellion used this as a propaganda tool and insisted the Ollapukkitians break away from the Union and form a non-aggression treaty with the Bacterian Empire. The Bacterians, however, had little regard for politics.

Government in Exile

The remaining leaders of the United Orcs fled to a distant minining colony, nicknamed The Refuge, and prepared a huge colonyship, named the UOSF HemmoCruiser III, after the two colony-uniting vessels of the Great Chaos Era, to escort them beyond the Rim, to a safe haven in the Inter-Galactic Void.

They suffered staggering defeats during their retreat and extinction of their species seemed imminent.

The HemmoCruiser Incident

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Against all odds, the First Bacterian War suddenly ended just when the aggressors were ready to eliminate the HemmoCruiser III with Pavonidas Bacterionema being forced to step down from his position as an Emperor, and giving back the conquered colonies of the United Orcs.

The retreat of the United Orcs also lead to the UO - Gigerdian First Contact, as the HemmoCruiser III had unwittingly entered previously uncharted Gigerdian space in the Alpha Quadrant. In fact, the Gigerdians were instrumental in saving the UO survivors from the doomed colonyship.


It was the First Bacterian War that set in motion the plans that eventually led to the Peace Station Project.

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