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Type: Quasi-Reptilian Humanoid

Galactic Age: 2nd Generation

Origin: Orceron, First Star system

Name(s) of Government:


Expected Height: 1.5 - 1.9 meters
Lifespan Duration: approx. 500 standard years
Skin Color: Varies
Breathing Mixture: Methane / Nitrogen


The Orcs are quasi-reptilian life forms with the standard humanoid form; two arms, two legs, and a head. Their skin color varies radically from individual to individual, but dark green and dark red are the most common.

Their mouth is usually very big, almost 2/3 of their face, with powerful jaws well suited for chewing raw meat. The size of their lungs combined with the size of their mouths also guarantee they are among the loudest species in the Orceronian Hypergenome. Their eyes are small, lack pupils, and have a type of bioluminescence.

Orcish physique itself is so robust that it can withstand tremendous punishment. They feel surprisingly little pain, even from the most grievous of wounds, enabling them to fight on whilst horrifically injured. Their regenerative process itself is so powerful that nothing but the most grievous wounds will put an Orc down for long. This goes some way to explain their ultra-violent sense of humour.


The Orcs are quasi-reptilian life forms and hatch from eggs. While they reproduce sexually, all members of the species are hermaphroditic having both a "male" and a "female" reproductive organ. Depending on hormonal production, one may be more developed than the other. This has led to Orcish society recognizing four different genders, although these are a social convention more than an absolute biological classification.

The four genders all have their own pronouns.

Gender Base Possessive Objective ?
Male He His Him Himself
Female She Her Her Herself
Female-Male Zhe Zhir Zher Zherself
Male-Female Ve Vis Vim Vimself

In addition, there is a neutral gender xe, used when a gender is not specified for some reason or other. In common parlance, this is often shortened to a simple 'e , although some might take this as disrespectful.

Gender Base Possessive Objective ?
Neutral Xe Xer Xem Xerself
Neutral (common) 'e 's 'm / 'r 'mself / 'rself

Young Orcs are known as Orclings, while newborns are referred to as Hatchlings.


Main article: Orcish tech

The orcish technology is crude when compared to Hemmoian tech, but highly advanced when compared to Human tech. Even though the Orcs've been around longer than Hemmoians, they prefer simple, non-technology-dependant life to a large extent. Even in this age of wonders, Orcs still use their old means of cooking, building, fighting and reproducing.


Main article: Empire of the United Orcs

After the collapse of the United Orcs government, most Orcs today live under the direct jurisdiction of the Hemmoian Federation. The core Orcish colonies, however, have set up an autonomous state of their own, known as the Empire of the United Orcs (occasionally referred to as the United Orcish Empire).

The Coalition of Clans, ruled by a single person, controls the entire Empire of the United Orcs. Their government is somewhat similar to the Hemmoian Federation, but with a strong leader figure and elements from old UO traditions. Currently, the UOE leader is Nohj of the Clan Ravolt.

The Empire of the United Orcs is a state of the Hemmoian Federation.

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