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A terrorist organization composed of radical anti-Hemmoian, anti-collectivist Orcish nationalists, the Alliance for a New Orcish Republic (ANOR, commonly referred to as the Neo-Rebellion) was founded in the year 399 of the Second Age and influenced the politics of the United Orcs all the way to the end of the First Bacterian War.


The principal motivation for the New Rebellion was a firm belief that the Hemmoians as a species were conspiring to seize political and economic control of the United Orcs, spreading collectivist propaganda and brainwashing key members of the UO government with mycelocentricist beliefs.

The ANOR widely employed xenophobic myths about the Hemmoians that had been circulating among the Orcs for centuries, including Hemmoian blood libel, which they constantly cited in various publications. Wartime propaganda from the V3 Alliance was also used in the "scientific analyses" the group kept publishing, mostly anonymously in various colonial computer networks.



The New Rebellion was founded in the year 399 of the Second Age in the Reel system, a major Orcish population center founded during the New Colonization Era. Initially a small cell, the New Rebellion slowly began building links between various Orcish nationalist groups, ultralibertarian organizations, as well as Ollapukkitian racists. Recognizing their lack of immediate political power, a grand infiltration project into key UO government bureaus was launched.


After hiding in the shadows for decades, the ANOR finally made its first public appearance by planting a bomb on one of the UO command centers in the year 2,0627 and issuing the Manifesto of Independence, outlining their anti-Hemmoian stance. They demanded the immediate liberation of the Orcish colonies and Ollapukkiti Prime from what they called "Hemmoian Collectivist enslavement".

During this time, General Molek CCZërnk of the UOAF openly defected, taking his heavy assault carrier and jumping away from known space, to begin a kind of protracted guerilla war against the UO.

During the First Bacterian War

Once the First Bacterian War broke out and the UO government on Aldaain was forced into exile, the New Rebellion decided to act. It staged coups in several UO star systems, including the entire Reel system, declaring independence from the "Hemmoian-influenced" United Orcs.