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Insignia of the Gigerdi Confederation

The Gigerdi Confederation is the government and state created by several statesmen from the Gigerdi Federation prior to the Timocracy War. One of the founders and the first and only emperor of the state was Kyle Gigerdi.


The Confederation was created by a small, but well determined group of high-ranking government officials and colonial authorities from various echelons of the Gigerdi Federation and most notably from certain colonies located in the Gigerdian territories in the Beta Quadrant . The creation of the Confederal Gigerdian state took place during the year (insert date here) right after the Gigerdian Emperor Ogaitinsha had passed away and thus created slight political turmoil in the Gigerdian political scene.

The group responsible for the creation of the confederal state and the entire idea behind it was highly antimonarchic in nature and in certain cases wished for certain colonies of the current Federation to secede and form a union of types on their own terms. The idea of a seperate union to be created as a secondary option for the loosely formed alliance of a handful of colonies at first had been in the works for decades even, but the federal state had kept the certain troublesome colonials wanting independence on a tight leash and thus keeping certain colonies from seriously taking steps towards independence before the right moment.

It could be said that the group behind the creation of the Confederal state was one of many different ideals and agendas, but what had bonded them together to form the union was their idea of a state created by colonies wishing to form a republic of sorts highly resembling a free state with vast capabilities to form trade unions with anyone it felt suitable. It can also be said with fair certainty that this form of governance proved difficult and abstract to handle in practise, which often led to confusing chains of command and the unsuccesful mixtures of planetary governance attempting to coexist peacefully with the constitutional jurisdiction of the confederal state.

The main power base both militarily and politically came from the so-called "Tri-Systems Militia" of the three Gigerdian colony worlds of Aegylon, Cadonis and Zachis which were known as the "Tri-Systems" of certain colonies which formed the basis for the confederals to establish a proper state with economical opportunies for export, import and production of goods and materials for a self-sustaining existence.

The plan to secceed from the federal side was laid into motion as soon as the news had reached the galactic community concerning the death of the Gigerdian emperor Ogaitinsha. Before this event the confederal supporters had searched for individuals especially in the military of the federal state, wishing to come up with as many individuals as possible sympathetic to the cause of the colonies wishing to form their own union. One of the first to be approached had been Kyle Gigerdi, who had in fact fallen into unpopular grounds among the military and its's higher echelons due to his fairly well-known sympathy for the colonial causes and naturally many of the builders of the confederal state felt that Kyle would be the perfect symbolic leader for the state due to his skills, attitude and understanding of the colonial cause.

The colonial officials, senators and statesmen responsible for the creation of this new government felt that a new form of independent governance was needed since the new Gigerdi Federation was no longer serving it's original purpose and ideals. Kyle Gigerdi among with a few selected statesmen had been imprisoned due to these ideals and plans of secession from the Gigerdi Federationat an earlier stage, but Kyle managed to escape from his temporary holding cell in the Peace Station where he was being held captive by a group of Gigerdians loyal to the original government. At this exact time it was decided by the newly created Confederation that Kyle Gigerdi would be an ideal head of state due to his personal background and charismatic way of leadership.

Kyle went to Gigerdi Prime where he forcibly entered a Senate hearing, and declared himself as the new leader of the Gigerdi Confederation. Once there, he also hijacked a large colony ship with a handful of officials loyal to the colonial struggle, the GCS Hope, which was later instrumental in the creation of various colony worlds for the Confederation. The Gigerdian Admiral Glen Runciter was one of the supporters and perpetrators associated with Kyle during the takeover of the colonyship and the ensuing battles.

The Battle of Ferrel

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When Kyle led the G.C.S. Hope away from the system he joined forces with Admiral Runciter's third fleet. The task of the fleet was to gather all the remaining ships wishing to join Kyle together and head for the Ferrel system that also wanted to secede from the Federation.

The Gigerdi Federation forces decided not to let Ferrel slip into the hands of the G-Confed and dispatched a small amount of vessels to intercept Kyle's fleet. The ensuing Battle of Ferrel did however turn for the best for Kyle's forces and Ferrel became the first official member of the new Gigerdi Confederation.

After the events in Ferrel, Kyle's fleet set their course for the outer-rim territories to get away from the Gigerdi Federation's forces that had now been ordered on a massive hunt for all rebelling forces.

New homeworld: Merdan

Kyle's fleets looked for a new homeworld during the following months after the battle of Ferrel. A suitable one was found from the outer rim territories where the G-Confed forces set themselves up.

Components from the G.C.S. Hope were used to construct the small base into the planet's surface while the G-Confed started to establish lines of communication with various other governments. At this time the G-Confed was known to have engaged in several weapon transactions with the Bacterians under the personal supervision of Kyle Gigerdi. It is quite possible that these deals were the source of how the Bacterians obtained Flashpak's, a weapon originally designed by the Gigerdi Confederation.

Kyle Gigerdi also returned to the Peace Station at this time to assume his position as the new ambassador of the Gigerdi Confederation. The G-Confed also established new, unexpected ties with some of the Hemmoian Federation's member states with emphasis on establishing trade routes to the Conferation's colonies. A few more Gigerdian colonies also joined the G-Confed thus allowing shipyards to produce fleets for the new faction. The G-Confed also established contact with the Texian hive, which led to the infamous Mining station A71 incident.

The G-Confed didn't get to enjoy it's new-found harmony very long when the Gigerdi Federation, through unknown means obtained the location of Merdan. The Gigerdi Federation's government decided not to attack the colony situated there - however a pair of fundamentalist admirals had other plans. These two renegade Gigerdian admirals decided to split the two fleets under their command in half and use the other half to take over Merdan and the other half to attack the Hemmoians!

The G-Confed learned of the admirals and their advancing fleet too late in order to mobilize a significant defence for their home system. The subsequent evacuation of the planet along with the destruction of the Merdan base-of-operations for the G-Confed is known as the battle of Merdan.

The political situation was extremely fragile when the Hemmoians voiced support for Kyle Gigerdi's G-Confed for the attack of the renegade admirals. The Hemmoians repelled the attack of the other admiral while the G-Confed and the G-Federation joined forces to exterminate the other once's fleets permanently. This unexpected co-operation between the states actually helped the strained relationship between the two factions.

As the situation with the admirals had been resolved, a new enemy emerged shortly afterwards known as the Timocracy with all-out war against the starpowers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Since most allies and partners of both of the Gigerdian factions were under attack, they decided to combine forces in order to beat the Timocracy's invasion forces.

The Timocracy War and the final homeworld

As the Timocracy war raged on, Kyle's fleets found another suitable location for a new homeworld for the G-confederation. The final colonization components of the G.C.S. Hope were used to build the cities to the planet that was christened "Gigerdi 2" (Gigerdii 2) by Kyle. The Preoria System became the new control world for Kyle's forces.

Gigerdi 2 itself was declared an "open planet" which accepted citizens from anywhere around the galaxy; thus all sorts of merchants, mercenaries, traders, gamblers, wanderers etc. arrived and settled in.

The Timocracy war was nearing its end and both of the Gigerdian factions directed their efforts to destroy the final remnants of the Timocracy's forces with the assistance of various other starpowers on the grounds of the Peace Station Interspecies Treaty. During the final few days of the war Kyle Gigerdi along with Mad Gigerdi took part in the fateful rescue of a group of Gigerdian POW's held in a small Timocracy outpost near the mobile command fleet where the two statesmen were currently situated in. Knowing that the prison outpost was planned to be destroyed by the Timocracy forces as they withdrew, the two quickly scrambled for the ill-fated rescue mission due to their closest position to the outpost. During the mission to liberate the prisoners from the Timocracy Prison Outpost 31, both of the statesmen died fighting against overwhelming odds - but not until managing to rescue all of the prisoners before their deaths.

As the war ended the two Gigerdian governments decided to form an alliance and join themselves back together again. The Gigerdi Confederation along with the Gigerdi Federation were both declared as defunct and the new Gigerdi Alliance took it's place as the unified government of the Gigerdians. Naturally the former colonies and member states of the Confederation joined with the newly created governing body.

Gigerdi 2, the former homeworld was, however, granted a status of indepedent member of the GA by Kyle's final request.

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