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Anthem: "River of Klen"
HomeworldFedoirelaior pokla
Official language(s) Deedlo liu
Recognised regional languages Various dialects
Ethnic groups  37% Mentrar,
24% Klempê,
18% Ogl73-,.,
12% Klerg,
9% others
Demonym Timocratians
Government Timocracy
Legislature Nobles
 -  Total Hundreds of star systems
 -   estimate 300 billion 

Timocracy is a relatively small yet powerful starpower in the alpha quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy. It has no physical neighbors, but is close to the space of the Gigerdi Federation, Jerdie Ochlocracy and 93218432 Cyberocracy.

Population statistics

The Timocracy is a collection of various races, the largest being the Mentrars, who are an insectoidal race. Klempê are an aquatic fish-like race, Ogl73-,. are a humanoid warrior-species and Klerg are a race of shapeshifters. There are also other smaller races in the Timocracy, with few being slave races. Although it is believed that the Timocracy was born by the conquest of Klempê and Ogl73-,. by Mentrars, the current Timocracy is quite equal.

Treaties & diplomatic relations


Government Type: Timocracy

Not everyone are able to participate in the decision making. The Timocracy has a council with members elected every six years and no limits on the amount of terms they can have. These council members are people who are major property owners while the voters are all who are property owners. No one else is allowed to vote or participate in the government.

It is also rumored that there are few "overlords" as well that function as supervisors and dissolve disputes, but their existence is so far unconfirmed.


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Timocracy War

Main article: Timocracy War

During the pinnacle of their culture, the Timocracy had a formidable fighting force consisting of an able starfleet and ground troopers. During the Peace Station Era, they launched a conquest war into Gigerdian territories and secretly attempted to replace key figures within the Gigerdian society with changelings, which ultimately led to their demise.


Main Article: Timocracy Culture

Not much is known about the Timocracy culture, but it has been described as surprisingly homogenous considering the amount of races involved.


It is believed that the military is controlled by the overlords, the council and few supreme military commanders. Most of the ships are usually manned mainly by Ogl73-,., but it is suspected that every ship has few Mentrars as well, usually in command, and sometimes, but not always, some Klergs and Klempês. Some kind of rank structures are in place, but this seems to be more symbolic as most often the one considered most qualified is in charge and orders are followed without question. In the military property owners rarely have any special treatment or power. There is clear chain of command between the various ships in a fleet with selected command ships. If one of the command ships is destroyed another one takes it place in a predetermined list based on the qualification of the commander.