Empire of the United Orcs

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GovReg Entry: ?

Type of Government: Unified Clan Assembly

Leader: Nhoj Ravolt

Population statistics

Ethnic Factions: Orcs - 95%, other - 5%


When the United Orcs gradually lost their authority and disbanded upon the forming of the Hemmoian Federation, the Orcish government disappeared for a short time, and was later re-established as the Empire of the United Orcs (UOE), governed solely by the Clan Council. As such, most of the population of the current UOE consists of pure-blood clanners, while most outclan orcs prefer to live under the citizenship of other governments.


Control World: New Orceron (Note: Government gathers also on Aldaain)

Capital: New Orceron City, New Orceron. (Note: Government gathers also in the Orcish Sectors of Aldaain)

Territories: 105720 systems, mostly in the Delta Quadrant.

Spaceports: 48000 spaceports, 2900 major spaceports

Originally, the whole of Aldaain belonged to the UO, as did indeed much of the Delta Quadrant, but as the UO was disbanded, control was gradually assumed by the Hemmoian Federation. When the UOE was established, several sectors of Aldaainian soil was given back to the Orc government. These areas became known as the Aldaain Orcish Sectors, or AOS.

Other major population centers of the UOE include the system of New Orceron, where the capital city resides, and Reel system, one of the original UO's colonies. The colony world of Häkävuori houses the UOE's largest shipyard.

For further information, see the list of Orcish systems and the list of Orcish worlds.

Military forces

The United Orcs Starfleet, one of the oldest space fleets in the Galaxy and formerly under the flag of the UO, is now maintained by the UOE. Most of the vessels are privately owned, and fleet regulations have loosened considerably from UO days. Nevertheless, the UOSF remains a formidable fighting force consisting of over 500000 privately-owned major vessels.

The UOE also maintains a ground army of clan warriors, notorious for their strength in battle. Active Research & Development efforts have resulted in a whole new Orcish breed of armored ground vehicles.


Industries: All kinds of industrial products, ranging from weapons to heavy-duty machinery, starships and various foods.

Agricultural Products: Orcberries, orceronian potatoes, space bananas, various others.

Export Commodities: Orcberries, Uranium, Starships, Personal weapons, Industrial machines, Planetary vehicles, Clothing.

Import Commodities: Medical goods, Advanced computers.

Trade Partners: Other HFed member states, Gigerdi Alliance, Bacterian Empire.

Today, the economy of the UOE has completely recovered from the UO's collapse, and under the leadership of Nhoj of the clan Ravolt, the UOE has become a thriving autonomous member state of the Hemmoian Federation, with trade routes all over the Galaxy.

Treaties & Diplomatic Relations

The UOE is one of the Hemmoian Federation's most valuable member states.


Freedom of religion and religious beliefs is a fundamental right in the UOE. This means that people are free to worship as they choose, either individually or in groups, provided they remain within the boundaries imposed by the law and respect others (for example with regard to noise levels, health hazards and disturbances of the peace). In the Empire, church and state are separate. The government does not interfere in the internal affairs of organizations that profess religious or philosophical beliefs, and the latter do not interfere with matters of state.


Örkix is the national language of United Orcish Empire. However, Hemmoian is spoken by almost everyone. In addition, many Orcish people speak Gigerdian and Bacterian.

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