Ta'mag system

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Ownership: HFed
RSA designation: RSA-912
Location: Triangle of Ret, Outer Rim, Delta Quadrant

The Ta'mag system is the premier research and development center of the Hemmoian Federation. It is located in the Outer Rim of the galaxy in a region known as the Triangle of Ret.


Primary: Ta'mag



The name Ta'mag, in Hemmoian, means The Place No-One's Been To And Quite Frankly, No-One Wants To Go There Anyway (The Second).


The Ta'mag system originally only had small civilian population colonies, established in 3,117 by the Independent Hypersentience Colonization Bureau. Poor in mineral resources, the system did not offer much room for development, serving primarily as a refueling depot for the occasional starship that might pass by.

This all changed in 3,134 when a vast alien artifact referred to as The Ship was found orbiting Ta'mag's sun. Enormous amounts of resources were spent by the Hemmoian Federation to convert the planets in the system into the most advanced research facilities in the Galaxy, originally dedicated solely to the study of the enormous vessel.

Later, the system served as the construction site of the Neurosphere.