Grand Unification

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A term used in collectivist political theory, the Grand Unification is often cited as the goal of collectivist politics. The term first appeared in works of Ommek Hu, but was further defined by Jazek 2 Reevlod, one of the founders of the two modern Hemmoian governments, the Independent Hypersentiences and later the Hemmoian Federation. Reevlod defines Grand Unification as the "unification of an entire species into one, functional Collective." This was the original goal and purpose of the founding of the Independent Hypersentience state, and has since been a source of active debate among collectivist politicians.

While the Grand Unification has not truly been achieved among Hemmoians, it can be argued the 1110110110101111 have already accomplished such a state.

During the Independent Hypersentience Collective

Head Sociologist Seedkugh was known to develop a subset of this thory, called Planetary Unification.


Since the primitive collectives of ancient Orceron, we have had a yearning to cast away the shackles of the individual, to reach something greater ... Natural evolution led us here, to this place and stage in history, but now our fate is in our own hands. We must wrest the course of progress from the aimless natural processes of an unthinking Universe, to take the next step and surpass all that has come before, to build something never before seen. The perfect collective consciousness encompassing our entire species, amplifying our potential exponentially with each iteration.

— Jazek 2 Reevlod

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