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The infinite fractal diagram.

The Infinite Pyramid model or Infinite Pyramid Theory is a collectivist political theory of "fractal government". It is based on an infinite fractal concept: Each section, shaped like a triangle in the diagram, composes a larger section, but is also composed of similar, smaller sections in itself. This translates in practice to every individual citizen of a state forming larger and larger triangles which eventually forms the state itself. Each citizen is therefore an equal part of the state apparatus; with the removal of just one, the symmetry would break.

This is one of the models proposed for the "Unity by Collective" mode of government, and is the method of choice for the Hemmoian Federation.

Early references

The Infinite Pyramid model was first referenced as early as the First Age on Orceron, when Ommek Hu of the Hemmoian Unity sought to unite the Hemmoian nations into one functional Collective (See "Grand Unification"). The idea was contemplated but dismissed in Hu's political theories as impossible to implement due to limitations of technology, and a much less grandiose scheme was employed by the Hemmoian Unity regime.

The Hierarchy

With the onset of the Great Chaos, UO colonies were severed from their command world of Aldaain. New splinter factions rose, including The Hierarchy, a peculiar interpretation of the Infinite Pyramid model of organization. The structure of their government followed the ideal of the fractal to some degree, but at the top of the Hierarchy's pyramid was a ruling body known as the Council of Hierarchs. They ruled the rest of the Hierachy with absolute power.

Jazek Reevlod's revival

After the First Bacterian War, with reliable subspace relays becoming commonplace and neural computer interfaces advancing to the point where thoughts and eventually entire minds could be transmitted reliably by artificial means faster than light, Jazek Reevlod of the United Orcs theorized entire species could finally be linked into Collectives using the Infinite Pyramid fractal model - the Grand Unification finally realized.

The Independent Hypersentiences were founded for this purpose, to test and implement an artificial computer-assisted Collective Network where every being merges into a larger whole. The grand social experiment was a success, and the Collective started growing.

Foundation of the Hemmoian Federation

Over time, the Independent Hypersentience Collective grew and the United Orcs, an old and disfunctional union, started losing its influence on its colonies that now extended throughout the Delta Quadrant. Finally, the Union was disbanded at the time of the Peace Station Era and the member states each went their separate ways.

The Independent Hypersentience regime was restructured into the Hemmoian Federation, taking over many UO functions and becoming the de facto governing body of the Delta Quadrant. Former UO member states eventually joined the Federation as autonomous members outside the Pyramid model, which has been criticized by some. It has been argued by some political theoreticians that the Infinite Pyramid cannot function if members of the system are left outside the Collective, and that this led the Hemmoian Collective toward a path of corrupted ideals.

The current state of the model

Ostensibly, the Infinite Pyramid still exists as the basis for the HFed collectivist mode of government ("Unity by Collective"), although the Grand Unification theorized by Reevlod has not been reached.

Each individual citizen of the Federation is in theory linked to the Collective, but only a few fully share their consciousness with others in the way originally imagined. As such, the Pyramid has been relegated to an administrative method, and in this capacity it does function to some degree. Citizens form sub-committees, councils, and collectives, which are then linked into larger collectives organized by System Councils, Sector Councils and finally Quadrant Councils. All councils are then organized by the supreme Great Council.


Some critics of the Hemmoian Federation have pointed out that the diagram is not followed in its original meaning, with each triangle representing an equal member of the form, but as a gigantic "pyramid scheme" where the head of the pyramid controls the rest. Namely, Hemmo Paskiainen, member of the Great Council has been identified as the "head" of the pyramid, responsible for pulling the strings. It has also been pointed out the Päähemmo, the nominal chairman of the Great Council, has not functioned in his intended chairman capability for some time.

Accusations of corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency within the system are also commonplace. It has been said the system suffers fron "Committee Syndrome", where useless sub-committees are constantly formed to consider matters passed on to them by previous committees, with no decisive action being taken. The Great Council assures the people of the Federation these matters have been taken under consideration, and that several sub-committees have been formed to think about them.

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