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The Resistance is a covert Gigerdian organization dedicated on bringing down the Section 18 and its' influence in the Gigerdian society. It has been classified as a terrorist organization in all territories of the Gigerdi Alliance.

The beginning

The roots of the resistance in the Gigerdian society stem from the various colonies. During the presidency of Orin Rubek and the following Lightness War, many colonists felt themselves alienated from the central government located on Gigerdi Prime. All these problems were only at a level of discussion, however, before president Rubek used violent, unlawful orders to restore public order in several colonies opposing his declaration of martial law. Many pre-resistance members then found their way into the service of Nix Balmorra, the leader of the rebelled GA Military forces.

Some of these so-called "pre-resistance members" of military and/or political background also had their eyes peeled on the activities of the Section 18. Some of them were able to pinpoint strong ties between the current administration and the elusive telepathic "intelligence agency". No clear evidence was ever uncovered at the time, but the leaders of the resistance fully understood that the Section 18 had a considerable influence over Rubek and his way of leadership.

During the GA Civil War, the core nucleus of the Resistance's members were quite small-time and mainly assisted Nix Balmorra - after all they all shared the same common goal of bringing down Rubek's corrupted regime.

The resistance transforms itself

After the GA Civil War, many of the members of the resistance felt that their job had been done. What they did not know, however, was that the Section 18 had a much tighter grip on the GA's domestic policy just to be brought down with the mere change of a president. The Section 18 had to be reformed under new leadership - which did not entirely suit the members of the resistance.

During the time between the Beta Quadrant Conflict and the start of Mal Dalleer's presidency, the Resistance kept quiet. Some of the key figures in the organization felt that a crucial mistake had been done in the restoration of the Section 18. Many of the members of the organization felt that Nix Balmorra had not finished the job correctly - instead he himself had been lulled to a false sense of security. The members of the resistance at the time were not aware of Dalleer's foreign policy decisions and their consequences - and thus couldn't anticipate what was to happen.

The Beta Quadrant Conflict

As the tensions between the GA and the newly-created Interplanetary Alliance rose to a full war, the resistance was shattered into smaller splinter groups supporting their individual commanders' and their ideas. The biggest group of members branded the war as yet another conflict orchestrated by the Section 18 - and president Dalleer acting as the puppet. But others simply joined the fight to support the individual colonies which had broken away from the GA and joined the IPA. Then again, there was also a small minority inside the Resistance that was against the joining of their colonies to the IPA altogether. This naturally created a fine mess to the leadership of the organization on keeping their forces together.

During the conflict, the Resistance was apparently responsible for the agitation of the wide-spread riots and protests on Gigerdi Prime and several other worlds aimed against president Dalleer himself. The resistance members also apparently planned for the kidnapping and/or assassination of the president and several other key figures of the administration. At the time of the conflict it was rumoured that the Resistance had been able to infiltrate the administration to an alarmingly high degree. This is highly questionable - and has been branded as a fluke just to keep the GA security forces on high alert at the time. The Resistance was particularly well-known for this kind of propaganda during the conflict. It is highly unlikely, however, that the Resistance could've directly targeted the administration - which would point out to the fact that these sorts of outrageous claims could've been set off by members of the Resistance themselves.

Current status

After the Beta Quadrant Conflict, the Resistance went almost completely underground. It is a well-known fact that the organization still draws its biggest support from the various shadier elements located in the colonies. Some members of the organization could, and most certainly are members of the GA Military - judging from the level of tactics and strategies employed in the low-level arrests of Resistance members by government officials.

The leader or rather leaders of the Resistance are also currently a complete mystery. The Section 18 believes that quite possibly the organization is being led by a person or persons of former or current GA Military rank.

What is also notable is, that many members of the organization appear to come from all walks of life in the Gigerdian society. They all seem to be sharing a common ideology of bringing down the Section 18 and its influence - but not always is this the case. Some splinter groups of the main body could and certainly have been known to act according to their own - and sometimes quite selfish ideals. In such cases, it can be observed that links to the actual Resistance organization are quite shady - at best.

Additional information

The Resistance also seems to receive some very unofficial economical assistance from (possibly criminal) elements in the Folan Star Empire. Equipment and funds originating from UCP and even DHR space have been seized in some of the major raids conducted by colonial and federal authorities on several Resistance hideouts. The Section 18 believes, that "like-minded organizations" in both states are supporting the Resistance and that some of the equipment used by the organization may have been bought from various dealers in the black markets. As for the case with the Folans, the intelligence officials in the GA have not ruled out that a few certain individuals in their respective armed forces could be the main source of equipment.

The Resistance also possibly upholds nominal relations to such terrorist organizations as the Flaming Wire and the Green-Jade Brigades.