Folan Star Empire

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Folan Star Empire
MottoFor the people
Anthem: "In the people we trust"
(and largest colony)
Largest city Liittu
Official language(s) Iriel
Recognised regional languages Various Folan dialects
Ethnic groups  95% Folans
5% Others
Demonym Folans
Government Parliamentary republic
 -  Consul Ne'rel
Legislature Folan Senate
 -  Total Hundreds of star systems
 -   estimate 300 billion 
Currency Ces'ter
Time zone Folan standard time

The Folan Star Empire is one of the major starpowers in the Beta Quadrant. Its closest neighbors are Vemrer Minarchism, United Commonwealth of Planets and Dand Oligarchy in the Beta Quadrant and Gigerdi Federation in the Alpha Quadrant. The Beta Quadrant free-zone is close to the Folan space as well. The Folan Star Empire has been involved in several wars and has suffered some internal instability as well, but has emerged as a strong starpower nevertheless.


The word Folan is a word in Iriel and means "the people". Since Folans use their own letters for writing the word Folan was conceived on how it was pronounced in Iriel. Their states before their unification had numerous different names, but when the unification finally happened it was decided that a word should be used that best described them as a whole, thus the word Folan was conceived.


Main article: History of the Folan Empire

Creation of the Folan Empire

Folans were much quicker in establishing cities than most people due to the natural willingness to work together. Folans could be considered as "pack species". Folans, although they had high respect for each other, still engaged in rather suspicious activity, but avoiding violence whenever possible. This "political playground" among the Folans lasted for several centuries and is still an element in their society.

As the nations grew and it became increasingly problematic to make sure everyone was loyal it was decided that the Folans should seek to unite themselves and concentrate their resources on some external factor. This gave birth to the Folan Empire, which would later become the Folan Star Empire.

Creation of the Folan Star Empire And Expansion

Space became priority for the Folans and they devoted all their efforts to reach the stars. It was also important that all Folans remain loyal and focused on their tasks. To accomplish this the Shen'Tlar was founded to keep an eye on the people. It didn't take that long for them to accomplish space travel and the first colonization ships left Folanus to establish new outposts of the newly formed Folan Star Empire.

During the colonial expansion two pre-FTL races were conquered. The Khi'lors and the Fasda, first through conquest, the other through politics. Colonial expansion was also rapid and caused a major drop on the population of Folanus. Folans also engaged in numerous covert operations, but these didn't turn out so well as they had hoped and caused a change of tactics.

The Folans were also "ravaged" by political wars as numerous different political groups and figures were trying to accomplish their own goals. This left the Folans deeply divided and continued for years. This all changed when one Folan was finally killed because of this political scheming. The corrupted Shen'Tlar was reformed and the senate re-elected and the political wars ended. This had reached all the way to the farthest colony world and had severely crippled the empire, but served as an important lesson for the Folans.

The first contact for the Folans with a major race was with the United Commonwealth of Planets. The senate had wanted to pursue diplomatic relations, but due to lack of proper first contact protocols the Folan scouts involved in the contact attacked the UCP vessel. The Folans attempted to remedy this by sending a diplomatic envoy, but it was attacked by the Vemrer Minarchism. This was the beginning of the Folan-Vemrer war. This war lasted for years with no breakthroughs in either side. This all changed when a UCP vessel witnessed a battle between Folan and Vemrer forces. This caused the Folans and Vemrers to band together against the UCP.

Folans, however, chose to prepare themselves due to the losses suffered in their recent war and it was only decades later, after their contact with the Gigerdi Federation, that the Folans and Vemrers finally attacked. This is known as the Folan war. This war didn't last long as much to the Folans' surprise the Gigerdi Federation immediately scrambled their fleets to aid the UCP and drove back the invasion force. Folans immediately pulled from the war and angering the Vemrers which caused their alliance to break. The Folans were forced to sign peace treaty with the Gigerdians and the UCP.

Peace Station Project

Folans have received the Peace Station project with skepticism and do not believe it will work.


Main Article: Demographics of Folan Star Empire

Population: 90 000 000 billion (Might be more or less)

Life Expectancy at Birth: 310 Earth years.


Homeworld/Capital World: Folanus.

Location: Beta Quadrant.

Territories: Several billions of colony worlds.

Treaties & diplomatic relations


Although the Folans have an empire the functions of the government have implemented representative democracy to a large degree. The Folans have an emperor called Consul and a senate, which controls the empire.

The Consul leads the senate and makes the main choices about the empire, however the senate also possess power to do a lot of things. They can resign the Consul if that's required. The senate has representatives from all the member systems, except maybe not from the smallest ones. Two or more systems may also have only one representative.

The Consul is elected through a public vote, every five years. Senate representatives are elected in the specific member systems every three years. Almost all systems have only one representative, some of the biggest, like the homeworld itself, have more than one.

The Folan senate is located on their homeworld. The Consul has the power to disband the senate, but only if both the people and the military wish that to happen; this has happened only once in their history, during the political wars. Folans have no vice-leader, so if the Consul is for example killed or otherwise unavailable then the senate has the absolute power and votes for a new leader of the senate who, however, won't be a new Consul. If the Consul will never return to lead the senate then a new public voting takes place. When the Consul goes on a visit somewhere the senate is usually given the power to do almost all decisions themselves, but some of the biggest can only be sanctioned by the Consul.

Chief of State: Consul Ne'rel.

Judicial Branch: Mostly controlled by the intelligence organization Shen'Tlar due to the fact since these organizations are rarely needed.

Political Parties and Leaders: There are various small political parties, but not many of these have actual representatives in the senate. As the senators are not elected by political party it can be difficult to become senator while representing some political party. Usually these political parties try to affect public opinion through holovision or the galaxy net.

Role of the Shen'Tlar

The Shen'Tlar organization has a unique role in the Folan state, acting not only as watcher of the people and their enemies, but as watcher of the government itself as well. Members of the Shen'Tlar are not elected by the people, and as such, represent a clear departure from democracy. The potential for corruption is also high as the Shen'Tlar has an omnipotent grip on all matters of the state. The people have a high trust on Shen'Tlar, however, despite its corruption during the political wars.

It is not known just how much power this organization holds in the end, as the Folans are naturally secretive of such things.


Main Article: Folan Culture

Folans are generally very secretive species and generally consider themselves to be superior. They have high respect for loyalty and have a high degree of trust of their own kind. They like different form of arts and prefer more "archaic" styles. Family and gender equality are an important aspects in their society. Folans also consider education very important. The Folan cuisine is mainly vegetable-based as majority of Folans are vegetarians. Sport competitions haven't been around for long and emerged only about a decade ago.


Main Article: Military of Folan Star Empire

The Official Name: Folan Defense Force (FDF)

Headquarters: Military HQ on Folanus, main academy located on Femes. Several other large military bases and academies on other planets.

Commander Of Forces: Folan Senate and the military council. Secretary of Defense R'Dirs works as a liaison between the military and the senate.

Service Branches: Only one as it controls both the fleet and the ground forces.

Like pretty much every other race the ground forces consists mostly of clones, commanded by Folan soldiers.


Folans use money only on rare cases when it comes to internal economics. However, they do have official currency which is called ces'ter and some regional currencies on colony worlds. Ces'ters are mainly used when it comes to trading larger equipment and items that are not considered as widely used. This means that every Folan can obtain basic household equipment for free whenever they need them as well as obtain food and other smaller products. For more "special" equipment, like vehicles or extra computers, one must use ces'ters to buy them. Ces'ters are obtained by both working as well as given monthly for "loyal" citizens. Only in rare cases are these denied (for example committing a crime will nullify these free ces'ters for a specific time) and these are controlled by the Shen'Tlar. The amount of ces'ters given for free varies on one's occupation as those who earn a lot of money through work receive less monthly ces'ters. However, the differences between different occupations are small when it comes to earning money. Economic equality is also an important aspect in the Folan society and applies almost on every colony world.

The economy is highly regulated which means that there are minimum and maximum prices for each range of products. All colony worlds require by the law to regulate the prices, though there have been cases of some colony worlds occasionally disobeying these rules. This has always lead to the imprisonment of the colony officials and is such very rare nowadays. The prices are regulated by the ministry of economics which is regulated by the senate. The ministry checks all the product prices at least yearly so that they match the current economic status.

Interstellar economy is handled differently.

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