Tooled Hemmo III

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Ownership: DHR
System: Tooled Hemmo system
Moons: Tooled Hemmo III-1
Ring systems: 1
RSA designation: RSA-005-3
Location: Delta Quadrant

Command world of the Democratic Hemmoian Republic. Former UO/HE/IH/HFed colony.



The first colonies on Tooled Hemmo III were biodome facilities established by the United Orcs Royal Space Administration during what would later be known as the New Colonization Era. At this stage, the planet had a thick atmosphere with a runaway greenhouse effect, making the atmosphere lethally hot.

Independent Hypersentience Era

Like the rest of the worlds in the Tooled Hemmo system, a strong Collectivist tendency existed on Tooled Hemmo III. The world seceded from the Union with the rest of the system and became part of the Independent Hypersentiences.

A habiforming operation was started at this point, aiming at lowering the global temperature levels. The IHSF science vessel Cooler assisted in this effort.

Under the Hemmoian Federation

With the collapse of the United Orcs and the Independent Hypersentience state being merged into the newly founded Hemmoian Federation, the Tooled Hemmo system became a major HFed cultural center.

Hemmoian Civil War

Following the Tooled Hemmo system's declaration of independence from the Collective, the Hemmoian Federation soon responded by setting up massive IHSF blockade fleets around all rebelling colonies, preventing all space traffic. At this point, no shots had been fired by either side, but the situation was growing more tense daily.

The Damogran Incident

An Aikon class cruiser is hit by defense grid fire from Tooled Hemmo III.

The situation changed when the civilian transport vessel Damogran attempted to get through the blockade of Tooled Hemmo III, ignoring warnings. The crew of the vessel consisted of Rebellion loyalists headed by Ommir Deloot, former HFed ambassador. The blockade fleet started powering up weapons to fire upon and destroy the transport when at the last minute, the planetary defense grid of Tooled Hemmo III opened fire on the blockade fleet instead. The transport was able to get through unharmed, although the news story was covered up by HFed news sources. HCNF reported the vessel had been "hijacked" and "rammed one of the support ships" in desperation.

The fraud was exposed in a historical speech from the leader of the Rebellion, for the first time identifying himself as Asmar Karellen. In the speech Karellen used the Damogran incident as a prime example of the "lies and treachery" routinely used by the Federation's government against its people.

Democratic Hemmoian Republic Era

The foundation of the Democratic Hemmoian Republic was declared on Tooled Hemmo III, marking the end of the Hemmoian Civil War. The former facilities of the local System Council were transformed into the DHR Senate Building.