Tooled Hemmo system

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Ownership: DHR
RSA designation: RSA-005
Location: Delta Quadrant

The Tooled Hemmo system is a major Hemmoian cultural centre, named after the old continent of CCHemmo on Orceron. The system is known for its revolutionary history, having acted as the seat of government for the short-lived Independent Hypersentience collectivist state. Later it became one of the first systems to openly support the Rebellion and is currently the capital system of the Democratic Hemmoian Republic.


Primary: Tooled Hemmo A




Tooled Hemmo I and III were among the first independent colonies established by the United Orcs Royal Space Administration in the Second Age. Tooled Hemmo II was colonized later.

The Tooled Hemmo Security Force is established for colonial security.

Great Chaos

With ties to Aldaain cut during the Great Chaos, the Tooled Hemmo system declared independence and formed the Commonality of Tooled Hemmo. The Commonality ruled under the guidance of Administrator Highstool who was from the city of Eelevjen on Tooled Hemmo I.

The Tooled Hemmo Security Force, at the time led by High Commander Blisterwort, became the only law enforcement in the area.

First Bacterian War

Collectivist Era

Tooled Hemmo was a hotbed of collectivist thought.

Hemmoian Civil War

The system declared independence from the Hemmoian Federation in 3,xxxx

Following the declaration, Federation forces immediately placed the system under a blockade, which eventually resulted in the well-known Damogran Incident.

DHR Seat of Government

Tooled Hemmo became the Seat of Government for the young Democratic Hemmoian Republic at its foundation in 3,xxxx.

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