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The Vemrers are a humanoid bear-like species from the Beta Quadrant of the Milky Way. They are considered to be highly aggressive species.


Type: Humanoid Ursidae

Galactic Age: 2nd Generation

Expected Height: 2.4 to 2.8 meters
Lifespan Duration: 300 Earth years
Fur Color(s): Reddish
Breathing Mixture: Oxygen / Nitrogen

Homeworld: Cu'As

Name of Government(s):


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Evolution & Anatomy

The Vemrers are similar to that of a brown knel on the planet Gigerdi Prime and brown bear on the planet Earth. Vemrers have reddish skin color and rather heavy fur. They are humanoids, but larger than the average humanoid. While they utilize weapons they also have sharp claws and teeth at their disposal. They are mainly carnivores, but as far as their anatomy allows they can also be omnivores though nowadays this is very rare among the Vemrers. Females are larger and stronger than the males, but aside from that there is very little difference.



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There is no centralized government among Vemrers, but rather all tribes and hordes are each lead by a designated leader, most of the time this leader is female, but there are some male leaders too.