Vemrer Minarchism

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Vemrer Minarchism
Anthem: "Bloodlust"
(and largest colony)
(and largest city)
Official language(s) Vemrer standard language
Recognised regional languages Various dialects
Ethnic groups  96% Vemrers
4% Others
Demonym Vemrers
Government Minarchism
Legislature Warrior's Court
 -  Pact of Honor 18 April 3342 
 -  Total Hundreds of star systems
 -   estimate 300 billion 
Currency Battle tokens
Time zone Vemrer standard time

The Vemrer Minarchism is one of the major starpowers in the Beta Quadrant. Its closest neighbors are Folan Star Empire and United Commonwealth of Planets. The Vemrer Minarchism has been involved in several wars and has emerged as a strong starpower in the galaxy.

Population statistics

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Treaties & diplomatic relations


As a minarchism there is no central government among the Vemrers. There are only central military, courts and police force, but nothing else. Though each individual horde has their own "government". That is there is usually a single leader, who is almost exclusively a woman, who leads the horde. Some hordes might have certain councils as well. The leader of the horde is often old and experienced warrior, though in the recent decades there have been leaders from other occupations as well. The warriors' court rules over the military, courts and the police force, also known as Honor Guard. Warrior's court has representative from each horde and one centralized leader who acts as a chairperson. This chairperson changes every six years and is usually chosen through personal combat.

The lack of centralized government has sometimes caused problems as there are conflicts between the hordes, but due to the threats presented by other races these issues have become smaller over the years.

Chief of State: None, but the Warriors' court is currently lead by Hege Korrer.

Judicial Branch: Warriors' court.

Political Parties and Leaders: No political parties, but each individual horde has their own leader(s).


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Vemrer culture is based heavily on fighting. They have very little of interest in different arts for example. Vemrers have very strict family codes where the female is always the family leader and most often the men have little to no rights. This varies heavily between hordes as some hordes might even kill men after they are found unworthy, some hordes on the other hand can treat men almost equally.

Honor is an important aspect in the Vemrer culture. For example killing anyone who is incapable of defending oneself can be considered dishonorable.


Main article: Military of Vemrer Minarchism

The Official Name: Vemrer Army

Headquarters: Military HQ on Cu'As, main academy located on Cu'As as well. Several other large military bases and academies on other planets.

Commander Of Forces: Warriors' court and supreme general Volir Aarer.

Service Branches: Only one, the army.

Ground forces consists solely of trained Vemrer soldiers.


Money has little meaning in Vemrer society and most trade is done through exchanges. There is, however, also a currency available that is "paid" whenever a Vemrer achieves certain accomplishments, like winning in personal combat. These battle tokens can then be exchanged for additional items like personalized weaponry, land or even small ships.

In certain occupations one is unable to earn battle tokens except through services. For example a craftsperson has to earn tokens through weapon crafting for example.