The Folan War

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The Folan war was one of the major wars that occurred before the Peace Station and before the HemmoCruiser incident. It was fought between Folans, Vemrers, United Commonwealth of Planets and Gigerdi Federation, with the Folans and Vemrers being allied against the UCP and GF. The war was short and not very devastating for either side, but made the relations between the races tense.

First Attack

Due to the bad relations that UCP had with Folans and Vemrers it was obvious that the tenuous peace would not last long. However, the UCP did not have the resources to provide sufficient protection on all of its border colonies so a certain atmosphere of fear was always present. Also due to the recent conflicts suffered by both the UCP and the GF their fleets were much more diminished than before. Folans and Vemrers had prepared for the war ever since the first contact with the UCP.

Finally in XXXX Folan and Vemrer military leaders met and decided on an attack date. The Vemrers were especially impatient as they had to wait decades before the attack would finally commence. They had, however, remained faithful to the initial agreement as they also saw it necessary to rebuild their forces after their recent war although initially they had suggested a much faster timetable for the attack as they saw that they only needed a few years at most to rebuild their forces. While the Folans and Vemrers had been "friends" for decades there was always a high level of distrust between them and neither side had much of a respect with each other, thus contact between the races had been very small.

Four months after the meeting the joint Folan-Vemrer fleet grouped outside the range of UCP sensors in Folan space and began their march towards UCP colony world. The Folan war would begin few days after this. While UCP had always believed that an attack was inevitable they didn't know where and when it would happen. Thus they were unable to respond to this attack and simply tried to evacuate the planet and the nearby colonies. This, however, was only partially successful, but probably saved a lot of lives. The defenses on the UCP world were small, but were able to slow down the attackers.

Counterstrike and aftermath

Immediately the attack was detected Starfleet mobilized its fleets and informed the Gigerdi Federation that they were under attack. What was surprising and unexpected for the Folans and Vemrers was that the GF immediately scrambled its fleets in aid of UCP. Due to the time required to gather sufficient fleets the Folan-Vemrer invasion force was able to conquer two other colony worlds nearby. However, what they didn't know was that a huge joint UCP-GF fleet was on its way and intercepted the Folan-Vemrer fleet as they were preparing to leave for another system. The Folans soon fled when they realized their plan had failed and soon ceased all hostilities. The Vemrers were furious for Folans when they retreated from the battle so soon. After this the Vemrers knew that the battle was unwinnable and chose to retreat as well. The Vemrers, however, soon regrouped for another attempt, but were stopped by the joint UCP-GF fleets. The conquered colony worlds were soon retaken and the Folans were willing to sign a peace treaty.

The war lasted only four months and the losses on all sides were not significant. The Vemrers also reluctantly signed a peace treaty few months after the Folans. The sudden betrayal by the Folans caused all treaties to end between them and the Vemrers. Due to losses the Vemrers had suffered during the war they were unable to attack the Folans, but the relationship between has remained tense ever since.

Folans realized that they had underestimated the Gigerdians and realized that they should've attacked many years ago and that the Vemrers were, after all, right all along. This event marked a time of relative peace between the races involved and the relations between all the races, except Folans and Vemrers, have significantly improved since.