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Ces'ter is the official currency of the Folan Star Empire. While not often used anymore it has still retained its purpose on certain occasions.


Ces'ter, as a currency, is relatively new one and was created about 130(?) Earth years ago. Until then there had been several different currencies as no central currency had been created when Folan Star Empire was formed. As using various different currencies was confusing (at that time money was also used much more extensively) there was clear need for a new money. The transitional period took about 10 years, though even today some colony worlds use the old currencies. The word ces'ter comes from proto-Iriel and means roughly "someone who uses money".

Coins and banknotes

With ces'ters it was decided from the start that no banknotes would be made and only coins would be used. Most coins used to be manufactured from standard metals, but in the past decades coins have been mostly made from silver, platinum and gold. There are many coins of different monetary value. Usually these are recognized by the material used as well as its size and sometimes also shape. Smallest value is 1 ces'ter while the most expensive coins have a value of 10 000 ces'ters.