List of political parties in Folan Star Empire

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This page contains a list of political parties currently operating in the Folan Star Empire. As political parties have very little meaning all of these parties have only small amount of members and none of them have official representatives in the Folan senate. Though a few senators at least partially belong to some political party.

Registered political parties

The following parties have been found to be legal and true to the people, as well as obtained the required support of 10 000 Folans throughout the empire.

Name Leader Senators Founded
National party Bop're 0 xxxx
Green party R'Fren 1 xxxx
Freedom party Kl'orp 1 xxxx
True Folans T'Son 0 xxxx
Dictatorial alternative L'Ren 1 xxxx
Coalition party J'Kat 0 xxxx

Banned political parties

The following parties have been deemed illegal by the Shen'Tlar and have been banned. While they can theoretically still operate they cannot do any actions as a party, but rather simply as a group of individuals.

Name Leader Senators Founded
Liberation party Th'ore 0 xxxx

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