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The Folan culture has not been influenced by other species over the years and has remained relatively unchanged for millennia. The Folans can be considered as very loyal to their past and unwilling to change it, although in the recent years there has been some changes among the Folans. The Folan culture is generally built on its people and trust, especially trust to the people. Folans are more of an urban species than a countryside one, only very small minority lives in the countryside. Equality is also one of the important aspects of Folan Culture.

Historical changes

Folan culture has remained almost completely unchanged over the past millennia. Many consider their culture to have been highly advanced when comparing to other species and that there has really been no need for cultural advancement. Their control of their people has changed over the centuries though as the effects of the political wars left their scars in their society, but essentially their culture is still the very same it was millennia ago, only in the recent years, most likely due to the contact with other species, their people has seen some changes in ideals, but these are only considered a minority.


Folans are divided by four different subgroups, depending on your place of origin. Three of them are located in the different areas of their homeworld: Folies, N'rels and Tiris. The fourth one is all people who had born outside of their homeworld. The three different subgroups are divided by dialect and slight changes in the skin color, but mostly dialect. While many of these remained as independent groups in the off-worlds even more of them got mixed together and thus a fourth subgroup was created. Thus the fourth one, H'rens (meaning "newcomer" in the Folan language), is the largest subgroup and Folies being the second largest. Those originating from the capital belong to the Folies group.

The Folan culture highly values and encourages equality, loyalty and unity. These are the most important things in every Folan's life. While politicians and especially the consul are usually regarded higher than Folans working in other fields they still do not receive any special treatment, except protection from outside races. While there is no absolute equality, it's still very close to it.

Gender equality is working very good among the Folans and they consider it self-evident. Over the millennia it has never been a problem. Both women and men have the same possibilities as leaders, whether in politics, military, research or anything else.

Conquest is also an important part of their existence. Folans seek to strengthen their position by weakening others and seek new ways to conquer and subjugate other species, which they deem as inferior. Due to their hostile nature they aren't trusted by many. Folans also like to work in shadows and behind the scenes, utilizing sabotage, infiltration and spying, sometimes using other races against their enemies. It's crucial that nothing is ever traced back to them.

While the Folans have shown to be capable of peace and friendship these Folans are only considered a minority. Since conquest and treachery towards other species runs deep in their culture it will take time for them to change if they will ever be able to achieve that, but it is clear that currently their culture seems to be going through changes that haven't happened for millennia.

Shen'Tlar is a core aspect of their people too, keeping watch on the people and the empire for any potential threats. Shen'Tlar is only considered of loyalty and the safety of the people from outside threats and influence. While military protects the space the Shen'Tlar handles the worlds themselves as well as keep watch on the politics and the politicians. While there is a freedom of speech the Shen'Tlar still creates a small atmosphere of fear.

Work is respected and valued among the Folans, but it's not something that they take pressure on as there are efficient tutoring programs to make sure that people get on the careers they prefer and people are allowed to change careers whenever they want to. It is also valued that all employees, wherever they are working, get enough free time and vacations too. Folans consider it a very important thing to make sure that their people are always content as that helps them to stay loyal and effective workers. Working too much is thus something that is discouraged and even frowned upon. Spending time with your family is also highly valued.


Religion has never been a big part of the Folan culture. It has actually barely even existed. To Folans religion has always been considered as a waste of time, foolishness and superstition. There has been few cults during the history, but their lifespan has usually been very small. Currently the cult of the Potato has been expected to gain some support among Folans too, but the secret nature of the cult makes it difficult to calculate members.

Racial minorities

While there are minorities from other races living in the empire they've had no cultural impact on the Folans and generally other species haven't influenced the Folans. These minorities usually have to adapt to the Folan culture.

Living as a non-Folan can be hard on their worlds due to their heavy xenophobia. The Folans are very xenophobic towards any outsiders, even to those members of their race that have born in other race's space. Any non-Folan is carefully watched and contact is avoided. Although in the present days there has been more Folans who no longer treat aliens as a threat and welcome them. Many of these Folans departed their space soon after the Folan war.

Folans also consider themselves superior, so equality is present only among actual Folans, aliens are not equals with Folans. Some aliens have managed to attain positions of power by gaining the trust of Folans. Few of these were a couple of defectors from the United Commonwealth of Planets and the Gigerdi Federation during the Folan war. Although they are still closely watched by the Shen'Tlar.


Every Folan is partially telepathic, mostly with increased protection of thoughts making their thoughts and feelings significantly more difficult to sense. Some Folans have the ability to sense other people's thoughts and feelings.

These telepaths are generally considered just regular citizens and most of the time no one can never find out whether the person was a telepath or not. All Folan telepaths are trained and disciplined to use their abilities only when necessary and thus they have excellent control over them. While it's necessary to keep watch over the people they also respect and desire privacy, considering it very important.

Shen'Tlar employs the majority of Folan telepaths with military being the second one. In politics Folan telepaths are monitored closely so they wouldn't misuse their abilities and all telepaths found to perform unauthorized use of their abilities will be prohibited any work in the political field. Telepaths also work in every area of Folan society, as they are granted the same possibilities as a regular Folan and are generally considered as regular Folans.

Family structure

Folan family life is centered around the nuclear family, extended family is very rare and something that is discouraged. Families usually have one, two or three children, with two being the most common amount. Gender roles among the family have remained unchanged for millennia. Both parents care for the young equally. It is encouraged for both family members to not to work when their children is less than three years old. While this system obviously doesn't work 100% of the time, those people who refuse to stay at home and equally care for their children are frowned upon and often even punished by the state. Folans do not have kind of marriage system, although, when the couple considers themselves ready, there is relationship registration to mark them as officially together. Registration reversals are rare, but happen occasionally, about 4% of the cases.

Youth aren't rushed out of their homes, but can freely choose when to leave their parents' home. Usually that happens in the age of 26 among both the females and the males. Members of the extended family most often live apart.

Festivities and traditions

Unlike some species, Folans still practice their festivities fervently, although there are only few festivities. They do posses much similarities with other races' festivities though.

The most notable one is N'Rel. It occurs during the end of the summer period on their capital, but it still practiced on almost every world at the same time. It resembles the preservation of society and its unification, while nature dies and gets reborn over the years, the society endures and flourishes. It is a communal festivity with communities coming together to celebrate their continued existence and to keep the communities together. Its roots goes back as to the birth of the Folan empire, signalling the continued existence of the Folans and their unification. It is the most popular as almost every world takes part in it, although some practice it at different times. It is also a time when most amount of Folans flock to their homeworld to come back to their roots and to stay in touch with possibly relatives on the homeworld. Generally it's a festivity of preservation and unification.



Folans are not exactly very keen on literature, but are still somewhat interested in it as a way to spend time. Some also try to get necessary changes to their society through literature. The Folan literature has no censorship, but it is still closely watched as it might reveal potential spies.

The Folans have enjoyed a wide variety of different types of writing work over the course of the centuries. The basic principles of their culture can greatly be seen on their works, as loyalty, equality and unity are some of the main issues. They have explored some different paths through their written work as well as in visual art, by having people to break these usual cultural ideals. Although in the late decades most of these people have changed from being Folan to being aliens. This brought some boost to their popularity as the people had a little hard time accepting unconventional behavior from Folans.

Many Gigerdian reviewers have said Folan work to be "disturbing", for being too perfect and following too closely their real lives. Fantasy and science fiction stories have always been shun upon as well as any paranormal stories. While all of these have existed they have gained only a minor support. Realistic writings in the past times are particularly popular as well as stories depicting Folans in the current time as the most powerful race.

Political works are rarely seen, but due to no censorship there are sometimes works that try to alter their current political agenda, especially ones discouraging conquest. These works are frowned upon by the majority and only enjoyed by a very small amount of people, still they are the most commonly seen political works.

Visual arts

Folans enjoy visual arts significantly more than literature. They consider themselves more visual. The ways of the arts are also greatly supported for those who have the talent for it, whether it's painting, sculpture, architecture, holovision or anything the like.


Folan architecture can be considered very archaic. Their buildings are decorated heavily on the outside and the buildings are often very low. They are still considered very beautiful by many non-Folans. Their architectural style has stayed the same over the millennia too, although their building techniques and technology has increased. There are generally very few skyscrapers on Folan worlds and more often they are located on distant colonies.

Folan buildings utilize arches, domes and pillars very often. Most public buildings also have large amount of wall paintings and statues. Many races have considered Folan buildings to be artistically very beautiful and ancient looking, with little or no modern effects. Folans also utilize a lot of archaic lighting, door mechanisms, stairs and other similar constructs, with very little of electricity being used. Folan roads are often paved with rocks and any kind of vehicles are rarely used within the cities.


Painting is encouraged and very popular among the Folans as many buildings also contain wall paintings there is significant need for painters. Folans paint very archaic stylish paintings too, with abstract styles and modern styles is general being in a very small minority. People, Folans generally only, after often depicted as well as animals and sometimes scenery, but most of the time either people or animals. Everything is also always hand-painted and nothing being done with computers or machines.


Sculpture is also an important and popular aspect of art among the Folans. Statues are an important part and common sight in many Folan buildings, as well as in outside areas, creating demand and popularity among that field too. Similarly to painting sculpture works also most of the time depict either people, full body or heads, or animals. Anything else is rare, especially in the core worlds.


Holovision is a popular form of entertainment among the Folans. There are numerous on-going shows in the Folan holovision, some of these can be viewed withing the close proximity of the Folan border by outside races, but they're not transmitted significantly outside of Folan space.

There are various different genres among the vision, both acted by actual actors and computer-generated programs, with both being equally popular. They enjoy same genres as with literature meaning there are little or none fantasy, science fiction or paranormal shows. Also the Folan shows follow the same pattern as their literature, with being very Folan-centric and being in a very perfect world. Recently there has become a minority of more "critical" shows that do not portray the Folan species as so perfect, although these types of shows are usually hated they have grown some popularity, especially among the outer colonies.

There are shows that have been acted by real actors and filmed in advance, shows that have been computer generated in advance that you can watch or shows that you can participate in and changing the character reactions and story on how you participate in it. All being equally popular and thus there being a reason to become an actor.

Documentaries are also common although very rarely do they criticize anything in Folan culture, but most of the time other cultures or simply being historical documentaries or nature ones. There are some criticizing documentaries too, but they too are only a rare commodity.


Folans prefer ancient type clothing both among civilians, the military and the Shen'Tlar. Civilians usually wear either togas, stolas or just tunics. Tunics are always wore underneath togas and stolas. Folans usually prefer bright colors, but dark green and blue are also favored. Black is a very rare color among Folan clothing and usually used by more radical Folans.

There has been very little of changes among the Folan clothing and fashion in general is something that only a very small minority of Folans consider interesting. Generally Folans do not see any reason to change their fashion and over the centuries there has mostly only been very small modifications and color changes, there has been technical changes over the centuries though. There are really no variations between the different working groups.

During winter Folans usually use additional clothing on their togas and stolas; jackets used on them and pants under. Hats are used only by certain military individuals, but among civilian population hats are only used during winter times and even then only on the worlds or areas that are very cold. During summer sandals are usually the most common footwear, during the winter shoes made from artificial leather or similar material are used.

Military and Shen'Tlar use different types of clothing, both using same ones with different symbols and colors. High ranking military officers and Shen'Tlar officials wear cloaks, muscle armor with decorations, depending on rank and whether it's military or Shen'Tlar, and armored pants.

Lower ranking officers usually wear scale armor, cloak and armored pants. Colonial guards and ship guards on away mission also equip helmets that are more decorated the more high ranking the officer is. Low ranking troops usually wear similar armor, but much more simple ones and simple helmets, same goes for Shen'Tlar operatives when they're not doing any specific undercover missions or the like.

Folan clothing doesn't use any kind of real leather, artificial leather is occasionally used in footwear, but elsewhere linen, wool and silk are used most commonly.

Media and communications

Media plays an important role in Folan culture too. The majority of Folans either watch news, read news or listen to news each day about both internal and external affairs. The biggest news broadcaster is operated by the government and watched by the Shen'Tlar. This has drawn some criticism that there isn't enough press freedom, but due to the existence of independent stations that are not (supposedly) watched by the Shen'Tlar Folans usually dismiss these accusations.

There are dozens of independent broadcast organizations that also produce holovision programming and documentaries. The biggest portable news provider is also operated by the government, but similarly there are also several independent ones. Radio stations also follow similar pattern.

The most popular way of following news is through the holovision, but radio and portables are also commonplace especially among starships that may not allow the bandwith for holovision transmission.

Portable communicators and galaxy net access are also commonplace in every Folan colony. There is effective communications in the entire Folan space allowing anyone to stay in touch. Galaxy net access is not censored although many might believe that, but it is very closely watched by the Shen'Tlar to seek out any possible traitors or saboteurs. It is one of the places where Folans can seek out information about other races and keep in contact with them too. There has been some concerns among the senate that the galaxy net access is too dangerous as it can allow for information leaks too easily, but the majority still have faith in the Shen'Tlar.


Folans value education very much. Starting from the age of five all Folans enter school and stay there at least until they reach the age of 20 after which additional education becomes voluntary. Literacy is 100% among Folans.

Folan school system has two different stages which are compulsory and one that is optional. The first stage is same for all Folans and teaches general knowledge, the second stage has more options, but is still compulsory to pick one of them. The second stage is entered usually at the age of 16 and lasts 4 years.

The Folan school system is very old and has remained relatively unchanged for the past centuries, which is why it has drawn some criticism as being anachronistic and would be in dire need of change. This has proven to be a rather difficult as there are still a lot of people who considers that preserving the old ways is the path they should follow.

The first stage has only general education, while the second one has either general education or vocational education. It allows Folans to choose either to continue learning more general knowledge or to study vocational studies. After that they can optionally move to the highest level of education from either path. The highest level of education remains popular enough and study places are determined by the demand of workers.


There are still a number of languages in use among the Folans. The official and most commonly used is the Iriel, which is also spoken in the capital and most of the homeworld, as well as in most of the colony worlds. Iriel is used by approximately 81% of Folans.

The second language is the Hr'Ren, which is used especially on the northern area of Folanus and on several colony worlds too. Folans who haven't learn the language during their childhood can't understand it as it's very different in every way. It's used by 14% of Folans.

The third most used language is Umen, which is used in the countryside and has thus also expanded on some off-world colonies. It resembles Hr'Ren more than Iriel, but usually it's hard to comprehend by people who speak Hr'Ren and vice versa. This language is generally considered as endangered. It is spoken by 3% of Folans.

1% of Folans speak nowadays very rare Folan languages that are predicted not to last very long and the senate hasn't been too interested in trying to preserve them.

1% are alien languages like English and Klecher, but these languages are supported by only a very small portion of Folans.


Folans are mostly vegetarians. The only form of meat they occasionally eat is fish and other sea-life, but no animals. Folans follow their vegetarianism very fervently and consider eating animals as a very cruel habit and have zero-tolerance for it. They have no problems eating plant life or sea-life.

While replicators are common in every part of the Folan territory, grown food is still preferred in worlds were agriculture is possible. Even on worlds were agriculture isn't possible Folans have chosen to practice it through artificial means. Aboard starships replicator foods are most often used, but many ships, even military ones, carry a load of fresh food and drinks. Folan ale especially being very popular as fresh drink.

Folans enjoy highly intoxicating drinks due to their enhanced anatomical capabilities to endure their aftereffects. Folan ale is consumed in large amounts and is the official number one drink among the Folans.

Foreign foods and drinks aren't favored among Folans and it's generally considered very objectionable if you're consuming them.

Public holidays

Folans work for a maximum of five days each week, although four days is recommended. There isn't a single day that's a public holiday for the majority of Folans, but rather the Folans working choose the days off they want. Students usually follow the school's way. Aboard military vessels things are complicated and often people serve on them for longer periods and then leave the ship for an extended shore leave.

N'Rel is the longest holiday among Folans, lasting a total of six days. This holiday is enforced by the law in every colony world, the only exceptions are crucial services like healthcare, the military and the Shen'Tlar. While all of them attempt to allow their employees to enjoy the festival it is crucial for the safety of the Empire to keep them running efficiently.

Folans have other holidays as well, but none of them are as long as N'Rel. There are several single day holidays too.


Folans haven't been too interested in various sports activities or rather sports as a form of competition. They do exercise to keep themselves fit, but sport competitions have only been around for about a decade or so.

The Folans take part in every Galactic Olympiad events and have been rather successful in certain areas due to their increased physical strength. These have also gained increased popularity among the Folans and the trend seems to be continuing.

Folans prefer "traditional" sports over zero-G sports, but the latter has also gained some Folan representatives over the years. The least popular are sports where you have to use some kind of equipment, although those sports requiring more physical strength than team work or coordination are relatively popular.

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