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Iriel is the official language in the Folan Star Empire and the most common language spoken by Folans. It first originated from the Folan capital Verin, but has over the years spread across the empire and become the standard language.


Iriel has a long history although it has changed significantly over the years. It is believed that the roots of the language date back to 3 000 years, though this is still under debate. It has been proven that the first form of Iriel was used at least 1800 years ago. Iriel originated from the region of Herl where the current Folan capital Verin also resides. As Verin was already at that time a major central for trade due to its location it allowed Iriel to also spread around the planet. While Iriel spread relatively fast it never achieved consistent use outside of Herl for hundreds of years. However, when the time came for the Folan unification it was obvious that one official language was needed. After heavy debate it was chosen that Iriel be the one, though some linguistic modifications were done. This gave birth to the "official" Iriel language, which was taught at every school. It also gave birth to several different dialects.

While other languages are still used Iriel is currently the most dominant language and every Folan student is required to study Iriel for a minimum of 9 years.


Currently there are several different Iriel dialects. Even Folanus has over hundred different dialects and combining all the colony worlds adds even more of them. Most of these different dialects are, however, completely understandable to anyone who knows Iriel. There are, however, certain dialects that are considered as very difficult to understand.