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Type: Humanoid

Galactic Age: 3rd Generation

Expected Height: 1.5 to 2.0 meters
Lifespan Duration:
Skin Color(s): Various shades of gray, pink and brown
Breathing Mixture: Oxygen / Nitrogen

Homeworld: Folanus

Name of Government(s):

Evolution & Anatomy

Folans are a humanoid species with various shades of gray skin. They have relatively large eyes and small antennae on their heads. Folans also have normal hair which is most often black, but always dark. They also have pointed ears and smaller mouths as well as noses than Gigerdians or Humans have. Folans also have four arms, two on their upper body and two on their lower body.



Main article: Folan Culture


Most Folans are part of the Folan Star Empire.

A sizable Folan minority also exists in the Gigerdi Alliance.