Republic of Rilet

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The Republic of Rilet is an independent, non-aligned system state in the Delta Quadrant.

Population statistics

Population: 21 346 670 000 (est.)

Ethnic Factions

Languages: Riletian Dialects, Hemmoian Standard, Örkix

Literacy: 99%

Territory claims

Single solar system in the Delta Quadrant, limited ownership of nearby nebula.

Major Starports: 90 (estimate)


Type of Government: Collectivist (unregulated)

Legal System: Based on Orcish law, with large elements of Collectivist legal theory

Chief of State: President of the Council of State and President of the Council of Ministers, Telir 44 Kestine, First Vice President of the Council of State and First Vice President of the Council of Ministers, Gen. Irvek 720 Hirevit; note - the president is both the chief of state and head of government

Cabinet: Council of Ministers proposed by the president of the Council of State and appointed by the National Assembly or the 31-member Council of State, elected by the Assembly to act on its behalf when it is not in session

Elections: President and vice presidents elected by the National Assembly for a term of five years

Legislative branch: Unicameral National Assembly (609 seats, elected directly from slates approved by special candidacy commissions; members serve five-year terms)

Judicial branch: Supreme Tribunal (president, vice president, and other judges are elected by the National Assembly)


Labor Force: 4.55 billion

Labor Force - by occupation: industry 49%, services 51%

Unemployment rate: 0.5%

Industries: defense products, aerospace, neutronium, construction, shipyard services, nickel, pharmaceuticals, subspace comms relay

Industrial production growth rate: 1.4%

Exports - commodities: Nickel, tobacco, neutronium, medical products, space vehicles, defense products

Exports - partners: Democratic Hemmoian Republic, Inter-Planetary Alliance, Free Republic of Hephaestus

Imports - commodities: Chemicals, machinery and equipment, exotic minerals, scientific equipment

Imports - partners: Democratic Hemmoian Republic, United Orcish Empire, Inter-Planetary Alliance

Currency (code): Riletian Kopeck (RRK)


Military Branches: Self-Defence Forces (RSDF), Starfleet (RRS), National Guard

Manpower available for military service: 2 967 865 000

Treaties and Diplomatic Relations

TRADE PARTNER: DHR, IPA, Hephaestus Republic

Transnational Issues: Outer regions of solar system serve as transshipment zone primarily for black market narcotics bound for the Alpha / Beta Quadrants