93218432 Cyberocracy

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93218432 Cyberocracy
(and largest colony)
(and largest city)
Official language(s) 93218432 standard language
Ethnic groups  100% 93218432s
Demonym 93218432s
Government Cyberocracy
Legislature Central AI &
"The Government"
 -  Total Hundreds of star systems
 -   estimate 300 billion 

The 93218432 Cyberocracy is a minor race located in the Alpha quadrant. They are near liquid species and require suits to function outside of their own habitat. Their society is very information based and each 93218432 has special implants implanted into them to allow easy information transfer. They, however, do not have a collective and the implants are used merely to distribute information.


As "numbers" (that is amounts) are very important in their society they also have special meanings. The 93218432 number series means the amount of bacteria located on the "standard bacteria sample".

Population statistics

Treaties & diplomatic relations


Government Type: Cyberocracy

93218432s have an AI government that obtains information on the people, the neighboring species as well as anything that is deemed important. On most cases the AI itself does all the decisions, but some decisions are done by a selected group of people, called simply as "the government". As their society is heavily based on information all 93218432s can access any important information through their implants whenever needed. All important decisions can also be done almost real-time as the necessary information can be obtained immediately. The implants also allow for immediate voting to take place should that be necessary. The central AI is not considered as the head of state, but rather a software that assists in the decision making as it's not necessary to disturb the government with minor issues.

Law and court systems are in place, but very rarely used as there is practically no crime.


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Not much is known about 93218432 Cyberocracy military. It seems to be reasonably strong and well armed, though it is obviously smaller in size than, for example, that of Gigerdi Federation. As everyone is assigned to their future employment when they begin their education 93218432s are assigned for military duties when needed. Usually the amount entering military education and service has remained constant over the years due to stable conditions. Ranking systems seem to be based on experience and qualification on the current situation, though central AIs seem to be very common as well. Ground forces seem to consist of mainly various robots and androids, though they are also used in the fleet for maintenance duties for example.

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