Jerdie Ochlocracy

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The Jerdie Ochlocracy, or ...:::.:.:::.:..:::..:...:::: in their native tongue, is a minor race located in the Alpha quadrant. It is ruled by different mob groups that can be considered as mafias.

Population statistics

Treaties & diplomatic relations


Government Type: Ochlocracy

There is no central government and the cooperation between different mob groups is small. There are also several corporations that officially don't have anything to do with the mobs, but unofficially have to pay tributes to at least one mob group and may have closer ties to them too. Population is kept under control by brute force. The different mob groups often fight for power, wealth, territory and control, leaving the civilians in the middle.

Colonies are rarely controlled by single mob group, but often contain several, if not all of them. There are no courts or laws, except those practiced by the different mobs. Punishments are usually extremely harsh.


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