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The HierosQ are a race of humanoids with four eyes.

Population statistics

Population: 500 000 Billion

Population Growth Rate: 1.04%

Life Expectancy At Birth: 155 standard years.

Birth Rate: Unknown (Cannot be calculated)

Death Rate: Unknown


Labor Force: 410 000 Billion

Labor Force By Occupation: 30% military, 40% industry, 30% services.

Industries: HierosQ are industrilists nowadays. They mostly build ship equipment and construction materials for new colonies.

Agricultural Products: HlaRs, KarMs, PaejMs, BaxdCs, NafDs, WeanmSs, SasnKs, TasjmkOs, YaosPs, UairSs, QeaWs, MoajiRs, BaweXs, IrospTs and FoaeroszneosrtYs.

Export Commodities: Agricultural products, ship equipment and contruction materials.

Exports Partners: Other UCP colonies, Folan empire, IPA, GA, T-Race federation and Great Lightness.

Import Commodities: Medical Goods and nanotechnology.

Import Partners: Mostly other UCP worlds, but also Gigerdi Alliance, IPA and Folans.


Homeworld: GofrN, third planet.

Capital: LoakerY.

Land Use: 30% Cities, 30% forests, 40% water.

Planets(Home system): DlaorH, IwA, GofrN, EO, CoepliX, VoiarT, KoshoX, ArotE.

Moons(Home system): YoamrN (EO), 56 moons (KoshoX).

Spaceports(Home system): 2424 spaceports, 24 major spaceports

Spaceports: Over 5 000 spaceports, Over 800 major spaceports

Fighter Garrisons(Home system): 350-370.

Terrain(Home system): All the planets except KoshoX are terran. KoshoX is a gas giant.

Terrain: Mostly all planets are either terran or arid worlds, some barren, volcanic, ocean and gas giant worlds still exist.

Lowest Point (not underwater): Well of KalrO, -9 999 m (ToirlsO)

Lowest Point (Underwater): Grave of HlaopE, -28 564 m (ToirlsO)

Highest Point: Hill of JaeorlsU, 29 799 m (Poaela)

Natural Hazards(Home system): None.

Info: HierosQ are rather old members, but aren't one of the founding members. They are, however one of the largest members in the Federation. HierosQs were found not long after the first contact with the Gigerdians. HierosQ had been able to expand to several star systems before and had even conquered one minor race. They thought they could take on the Federation, but since at that time it had already grown so much that the HierosQ didn't stand a chance. HierosQ were quickly beaten and left with only very little fleet. Peace treaty was formed, but no other relationships. It stayed that way for more than 80 years. Until finally non-aggression pact and trade treaty was formed. 10 years later HierosQ finally decided to join the Federation, which had grown into a lot larger entity unlike HierosQ which had expanded only very little. They became one of the biggest members of the Federation. HierosQ evolved on a very terran system meaning that many of the planets were terran already in the beginning. HierosQ are humanoids, however they have four eyes, so one more than the Gigerdians, and they have some other biological differences.