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The Opiros are one of the founding members of the United Commonwealth of Planets.


Type: Felidae

Galactic Age: 2nd Generation

Expected Height: 1.0 to 1.2 meters
Expected Length: 2.5 to 3.1 meters
Lifespan Duration: 400 Earth years
Fur Color(s): Grey to reddish fur with black spots. The fur is variable; opiros with heavily spotted fur may exist close to conspecifics with plain fur.
Breathing Mixture: Oxygen / Nitrogen

Homeworld: Miue, Xiuhan system

Name of Government(s):

Previously was:


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Evolution & Anatomy

The opiros are very similar to that of the genus jip on the planet Gigerdi Prime and the lynx from the planet Earth. Although there are some differences, like larger size and brain, as well intelligence and cognitive capabilities. They do, however, have very similar fur, walking most of the time on all fours, and having similar ears. Compared to other species the opiros have significantly better eyesight, hearing and a sense of smell than species in average. Opiros have also developed the capability to use tools, but still retaining their feline appearance and capabilities.



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The Opiro colonies are members of the United Commonwealth of Planets.

An Opiro minority also exists in the Gigerdi Federation.