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mOPTAr Population: 650 000 Billion

Population Growth Rate: 1.01%

Life Expectancy At Birth: 241 Earth years.

Birth Rate: Unknown (Cannot be calculated)

Death Rate: Unknown

Labor Force: 520 000 Billion

Labor Force By Occupation: 30% military, 30% industry, 40% services.

Industries: mOPTAr are one of the main ship builders, they also build variety of power systems.

Agricultural Products: fORLss, kOELErs, uRPOas, bKASOm, zERTWos, lOSAEps, hASDis, eRTSus, wAKJYfs, tARos, qOPLKIgs, vOcs, dORFAds, gLOVNes, bMOFTus, iCQus, zUPEMVes, lIRPAUs, hOKLErs, mIRUOps, sUOMErs, kLUXZIDhs, tYOLHEFas, mIUTZys, xOURGNes, oUROBORps, dAFRTYis, bEONUts, xORPSYrs, jORPs, bHYTOrs, vUESDws, cOLUPUts, cATTEIINs, mOPTAZZEgs, xOIRHEEPzs, dOPPEDys, qOUTTEbs, fHOGLEETis, mOJLIGKIITUts, yTOPPERZus and iRCCAAgs.

Export Commodities: Agricultural products, ships and power systems.

Exports Partners: Other UCP colonies, Folan empire, IPA, GA, T-Race federation and Great Lightness.

Import Commodities: Medical Goods, ship equipment, replicators and nanotechnology.

Import Partners: Mostly other UCP worlds, but also Gigerdi Alliance, IPA and Folans.

Homeworld: hIRUc, fourth planet.

Capital: wERTYUi.

Natural Resources: Iron, Copper, Lead, Tritanium, Sodium, Colosseum, Hafnium, Radon, Helium, Propane, Vendium, Jerrium, Sulphur, Zinc. (Some other resources can be found but with very small doses)

Land Use(Homeworld): 30% Cities, 30% forests, 40% water.

Land Use: 30% Cities, 30% forests, 40% water.

Planets(Home system): vORTEg, nOLARf, sOTAERRIs, hIRUc, iHJEWq, oVNEDu, cOUTTy.

Moons(Home system): hUTTUa (sOTAERRIs), kOLLARi (hIRUc), cELLOh (hIRUc), nOARLe (iHJEWq), yPERo (iHJEWq), dOREIk (iHJEWq), gORITy (oVNEDu), iJUQEw (oVNEDu), 54 moons (cOUTTy).

Spaceports(Home system): 1910 spaceports, 18 major spaceports

Spaceports: Over 4 100 spaceports, Over 620 major spaceports

Fighter Garrisons(Home system): 280-300.

Terrain(Home system): All the planets except vORTEg and cOUTTy are terran. vORTEg is a volcanic planet and cOUTTy is a gas giant.

Terrain: Mostly all planets are either terran or arid worlds, some barren, volcanic, ocean and gas giant worlds still exist.

Lowest Point (not underwater): Trail of hOIRu, -18 543 m (Noermi)

Lowest Point (Underwater): Grave of oURTu, -39 435 m (tYKKEKs)

Highest Point: Mount oGGId, 39 243 m (bONGGHi)

Natural Hazards(Home system): None.

Info: mOPTAr was the first race the UCP got connection to. mOPTAr had expanded into few systems and possessed a small fleet as well. During the first days of the contact nothing was really made. UCP later tried to initiate negotiations, but after few years only formed the non-aggression pact. They co-existed peacefully with UCP expanding a lot and mOPTArs only very little. About 11 years later a trade treaty was signed. And nine years after that the mOPTAr became members of the Federation being the first rather large species to join it after its foundation. mOPTAr are insect-like race, much similar to the Texians. They have a hive-like society with a queen being the most important figure. However, mOPTArs don't die out so soon as one might expect. The queen also nowadays breeds very little of additional mOPTArs and other female mOPTArs don't breed at all. The age of the queen can be as much as 800 years.