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The Lihters are one of the founding members of the United Commonwealth of Planets.


Type: Humanoid

Galactic Age: 3rd Generation

Expected Height: 1.2 to 1.5 meters when on all fours
Lifespan Duration: 450-500 years
Skin Color(s): Varies, but generally quite colorful including colors of green, brown, red and black
Breathing Mixture: Oxygen / Nitrogen

Homeworld: Lihter, Lihter system

Name of Government(s):

Previously was:


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Evolution & Anatomy

Lihters have no mouths, but rather relatively long snouts that they use for both communication and feeding. They also have specialized nose system that is also utilized in communication. They can walk both on all fours as well as on two feet. Lihters also have special air packs that allow them to survive long periods without oxygen as they spent a lot of time underwater during their more primitive times. Because of this their legs have only three toes and skin patch between them to allow better swimming capability. Their arms are similar except that the they can spread out additional skin flaps from their fingers when swimming. Their skin no longer has fur, but used to have light fur before clothing was invented. Their skin in general is quite colorful as it was a defensive mechanism against predators, that is why their skin colors have a lot of variation between different areas due to different vegetation. Lihters also have rather large ears and have excellent hearing and sense of smell. Their eyesight is, however, lacking and they have rather small eyes.

There are some racial variations as some subspecies were much more ocean dwelling than others.



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The Lihter colonies are members of the United Commonwealth of Planets.

A sizable Lihter minority also exists in the Gigerdi Alliance.